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Prices for mobile advertising

Main costs of mobile app promotion are: The CPM of mobile ads is significantly lower than that of other advertising channels. Advantages of predictive technology in programmatic mobile advertising. The click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a particular link to the total number of users who view a page, email, or advertisement. Advertising mobile is not the same as desktop advertising and should not be treated that way.

What does it take to promote in a mobile application?

And Kenshoo has published an outstanding mobile survey for 2016 that you should take a look at: Mobile App Advertising Trends Report. Below are some usable summaries from the trial (averaged for both types): The December 2015 index unexpectedly sets the IFOS CPI at $1.46 and the Andreid CPI at $3.34 (Android CPI up 144% year-on-year, with the CPI soaring in December).

Chart-boost (games only) also has a current CPI index, with US installations at $2.81. Incentive installations will be very inexpensive (depending on how much you buy you can get < $.5), but the tackiness of incentive user is very low - the value is only if you increase your ratings to get higher value organically downloaded music.

As a rule, in-app application banners are also less expensive, but offer lower user experience. You can almost always expect lower ROI from lower outcomes across all advertising campaigns and the other way around. Advertising platforms will bill less if they know these people are less valued OR they know less about them (e.g. clicking on the rest of the ad in the inventory), or they will bill more if they know they can (e.g. Facebook Remarketing/lookalike/predictive email).

This means you can afford to buy less for a click and even a new account, but that account may not always turn out to be of long-term value, making analysis a crucial element of monetisation and commerce so you know where to invest. I have seen, for example, about $.5 CPI for an application of mine (utility) from Facebook Ads (mostly from Instagram), but they didn't get stuck in my application for long - a campaig n-optimized for providing installations to gooey endusers will cost significantly more per installation.

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