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The Moat offers an easy way for you to find ads that run throughout the web. Initially, our partnership with Moat will focus on the verification of video ad metrics. These are all the insider tips to find your competitors' banner ads online. Moat's ad search engine has become an ubiquitous tool for the display advertising industry. Publisher and brand display tagging (banner/reach media), video (VAST/VPAID) and mobile campaigns on ad servers and DSP/SSPs with moat tracking.

Ad Search Moat - Quickly find competitors banner ads

It' pretty astonishing with some of the utilities available to marketing professionals for free these days. What's more, it's a lot more than just a simple tool. When you had to browse the Internet to find what you were looking for, or even worst, paid a high price to use high-end business administration or searching engines, do you recall? One new website I came across is Moat AdSearch, which allows you to conduct a query for all the banner ads that float on the web.

Enter your preferred trademark or .com location in the field below and Moat will retrieve all your banner results. Underneath the field you will see a list of our latest ads and our latest referrals. It' a great place to get an idea of what kind of banner campaign you can look up or what other folks are looking for.

Let's take a look at the trench in operation. When I clicked on the send link, I was sent to a page full of beautiful banner ads in different heights. That would be a great asset if I wanted to advertise Mate1 through an affiliate networking site, but they only had a few flags to pick from.

Click on one of these flags to immediately upload it to your computer, or continue looking for different size and competition. Digging is an invaluable and free tool to see what banner advertising campaign is available, and at the same time get inspiration for creating new ones and getting your own campaign's noticed.

Dig: Dig: An indispensable banner advertising and inspirational resource.

In essence, Moat is a pay-for advertising research tool on the Internet. To see what ads you are currently viewing, you can browse by name. This shows you the size of the displays and how long each ad has been active. Some of us in the bureau were recently included in the discussion about how to place a remunerated ad when someone was calling for a dig after ajourney.

That reintroduction into the ditch sent me into a bunny hutch, which led me to spend most of an afternoon looking at collegiate and campus banner ads. But it wasn't a waste of an hour! No! Thought I' d be sharing the results of my investigation on the blogs with some of my favourite higher-level ads currently running:

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