Marketplace Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Marketplace

Like Amazon, the Target Bloggers and Publishers Affiliate Program is designed to help Target bloggers and publishers generate revenue from the sale of Target (the stationary retailer) products. We are happy to reward those who promote our products and marketplace items. Wellcome to our affiliate program. Participate in the program today for free! Authorization and logon procedure.

Earn Cash with the MOJO Affiliate Program

MOJO's partner program objective is simple: First we take a look at how to become an affiliate and how to arrange things. In your Kontocenter you will find a section with the name Affiliate Program at the bottom of the page. Press the Activate Affiliate Accounts Buttons. You will see a message confirming that your registration is complete.

It will show you your affiliate track and trace program to be used to track your lead and sale. Your affiliate accounts give you instant day-to-day and month-by-month reports, as well as information about your track links. Our excellent documentary shows how you can present almost any kind of good or group of good on the marketplace.

If I' m already an affiliate at MOJO Themes? that's fantastic! question_answerWhat, if I'm already an affiliate at MOJO Themes? that's fantastic! By the end of each monthly we will take all your referred referrals and make the payment on the fifteenth of the following monthly (NET 15). It' important to remember that once you have your affiliate profile enabled, you will need to enter your PayPal e-mail so we know where we can charge you.

Disbursement claims made on the fifteenth must be made before the first of the following year. It is recommended that our partners make this cashout inquiry on the last few day of the monthly so that you do not have to spend a whole months waiting and have the most money in your bank for this payment time.

They will be payable on the fifteenth of the following monthly following this enquiry.

As soon as you are authorized, you will have full control over our affiliate ressources which you can publish on your blogs, websites, your community forums, etc. If someone is clicking through your links or banners, a coolie is placed to remind them that you recruited them. When you buy a course within 30 workingdays you will get a 50% fee for this recommendation.

If you participate in our affiliate program and use the affiliate links to buy for your own winnings, you will not earn any referral fees. Which advantages does participation in the partner program have? Featuring over 5 million salespeople with many issues, this is an excellent tool that you can easily pool with others to boost your revenue while earning a comission.

Do I have a limitation for my overall fee? No, there is no upper bound for your overall fee income!

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