Marketing Tracker

Tracker Marketing

The MarketingTracker is a powerful tool that integrates a variety of internal and external data sources. The Google AdWords tracking template can keep you up to date. You know if your marketing strategies work? Are you able to measure the results of your marketing costs? Utilize the most advanced tracker to track, manage and optimize advertising campaigns.

Marketing Tracker

MerchandisingTracker is a high-performance utility that incorporates a wide range of in-house and off-site information resources, allowing you to generate the desired report and then distribute it via state-of-the-art on-site or mobile visualisation dashboards. What's more, your company can easily integrate with any other software. MarketTracker combines all your in-house and outside brands and markets information resources into one easy-to-use solution.

High-performance analytic Dashboards and analytics provide sophisticated capabilities for even the most demanding users: Drill-down, drag-and-drop, slicing & drying, pivoting & splitting, without the need to execute sophisticated query operations. Datavisualization graphs enable easy-to-read chart and forecast functions such as stoplight KPI visualizations, buisness processing alerts and color-coded breakdown analytics tables.

MarketTracker would be of greatest value to trade marketing and sales & marketing management specialists. Additional important advantages are simple dashboard navigations, state-of-the-art visuals, and high-performance, high-performance data graphing. Feel free to send us a free MarketingTracker demonstration today and we will be glad to talk to you about the possibilities. With our MarketingTracker and intelligent POS retail POS information management solution, a large manufacturer of consumables can now quickly assess its stores and stores.

Thus saving a great deal of valuable processing times, which are now spent on comprehensive analyses. As a result, we are now able to take a new stance on the markets and increase sales by millions. The information provided all pertinent insight into competitive branding, changes in consumers' behaviour and channel and financial business performances.

An F500 business customer consolidated all pertinent marketing information into one MarketingTracker software solution, enabling the CMI audience to better understanding trends in certain global industries, act on a global scale, and appropriately track the effects of competitive movements.

Tracker Marketing

You know if your marketing strategy works? Are you able to quantify the results of your marketing costs? How much does it cost to acquire patients for your surgery? It' marketing brains for real-time ROI. If you are spending precious money on marketing, you should know the results while the marketing is going on, not months later. Build marketing campains in 3 simple increments, tracking and measuring the results you achieve:

Recruitment program to grow the number of new clients. Take charge of acquiring and marketing your clients, while you concentrate on providing and retaining them.

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