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The development of a marketing strategy is crucial for any company. Its strategy is to maintain its market position by retaining existing customers and gaining a fair share of all new segments. Marketing strategy is the entire game plan of a company to reach people and turn them into customers of the product or service that the company offers. Self-employed in the field of Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Services. The strategy of a company that combines all its marketing objectives into a comprehensive plan.

Marketing-strategy marketing mix: products, prices, location & promotions

Marketing mixing is the collection of manageable, strategic marketing instruments with which a business generates a desirable reaction from its targeted group. They consist of everything a business can do to affect consumer demands for its products. This is also a marketing plan and implementation support instrument.

Marketing mix can be subdivided into four groups of variable generally known as the four Ps: Product: Goods and/or sevices provided by a business to its clients. This is the amount of cash the customer pays to buy the products. What makes the products available to the consumer. Those actions that convey the characteristics and advantages of the products and convince clients to buy them.

Every one of the four Ps has its own instruments to help the marketing mix: Marketing strategy effectively blends the 4 Ps of the marketing mixture. Aimed at achieving the company's marketing goals by offering added value to its clients. 4 Ps of the marketing mixture are linked and combined to strengthen the positioning of the products in their targeted market.

There are a number of shortcomings in the four Ps of the marketing mix, as they either neglect or understate some important marketing activity. As an example, no explicit mention is made of certain types of support although they can be categorised as such. Other important marketing campaigns (e.g. packaging) are not specifically targeted either, but are classified in one of the four groups.

A further major issue is that the four Ps are concentrated on the sellers point of views on the merchant markets. Buyers' opinions should be the primary objective of marketing. You can reinterpret the four Ps of the marketing mixture into the four Cs. You place the interests of the client (buyer) before the interests of the marketing company (seller).

Customization, not products: Clients want to buy added value or a remedy to their problem. Consumers want to know the overall costs of purchasing, using and dismantling a given item. Consumers want to make their purchases of goods and provision of service as easy as possible. Clients want mutual communications with the enterprises producing the goods.

Marketing Policies.

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