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A list of marketing software companies. onPartner. What do you do to ensure that your product remains on the open market? Selling and marketing teams need automated tools to run their online programs. E-mail marketing, ads, landing pages and automation tools to grow your business on your terms.

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Marketing software that can help your company grow.

The marketing environment for enterprises has undergone dramatic changes in today's information society. Here are 15 great marketing software that can help organizations stay ahead of the game and dominate marketing in the modern world: the 15 best marketing software available: One of the largest and most entrenched marketing automators, Marketo makes it simple to start and maintain marketing initiatives.

Marketingo provides everything marketing professionals need, plus automation utilities for in-bound marketing, leadership marketing, as well as collaborative marketing, revenue marketing, revenue marketing, revenue marketing, revenue marketing, and analytical services. Vacus Vacs +0% is a cutting-edge cloud-based marketing software that empowers client engagement and loyalty by making it easy for advertisers to connect through popular content and other on-line channel.

Wocus provides a complete range of integrated PR, marketing, social marketing, searching and e-mail marketing solutions. The HubSpot provides a high-performance in-bound marketing offering as a personalised and more efficient alternatives to conventional marketing tactics that can be prone to annoy you. They have created a variety of marketing applications that contain blogs, community networks, leads and even marketing analysis utilities that make users feel loved and responsive.

It is an e-mail delivery system that makes it easy for sellers to administer and keep tabs on e-mails to do more business. Tracking how e-mails open, the platforms provides in e-mail analysis and information about how they interact with people. The aim of Sailthru is to enhance the commitment and transformation of consumers through intelligent information that can be used by publishers to better communicate and react to consumers in the real-time world.

OpenMove's storage automated platforms use patented client modelling technologies to help publishers in on-line enterprises maximise the value of each client. This software can help Web enterprises generate more lead conversions, improve spending and commitment, mitigate migration, and recover more losing business. Influencing consumer behaviour through high-impact, personalised offerings and rewards, the Optimove solution can help organisations - which include Conduit and GetTaxi - better target consumers and maximise sales.

The LocalVox is a business marketing plattform for companies that helps them create messages and bind consumers through the web, a web community of community publishing, mobility, social networking, e-mail newsletter and searching. Having raised a combined $8.65 million and taken over Postling at the end of 2012, LocalVox is expected to change the way companies work.

With MailChimp, it's simple to tailor email to a specific marketing campaig. IVUSUSSOFT provides complete and cost-effective marketing and distribution software for small business. Infusionsoft provides marketing authorization and e-commerce and CRM as part of its marketing suite. Here are some of the marketing services Infusionsoft has to offer. With Infusionsoft's all-in-one software solutions, small companies can easily converts lead files.

thriveHive offers small companies all the marketing tool they need to succeed. Part of this is also the creation of an individual marketing strategy that is tailor-made to the individual needs of the business. ThriveHive's service spectrum ranges from marketing consulting to optimising your business for better results. The Demandbase approach is designed to give business-to-business marketeers the tool they need to increase online adoption and convert website traffic back into revenue.

The software works by recognizing the visitor flow of a website and customizing the website contents to those users, creating a customized and engaging user experience. The WordStream solution is designed to help advertisers optimise and improve their searchengine marketing by helping them achieve better results from their PPC and PEO marketing activities. Enables publishers to efficiently administer and build payed and organically managed marketing initiatives.

The Act-On is a cloud-based marketing application that automates marketing activities and increases efficiencies. The Act-On service provides marketing campaign organisation, lead conversion and marketing integration tool for your retail system. Computer-aided Inventory Management (CAKE) provides real-time analysis and monitoring for effective marketing campaign management. Cache organises all information in one place and allows the merchant to manage everything from site to equipment to traffic sources.

Founded in 2007, the business has a customer list that encompasses ScoreBig, Convert 2 Media and Lifescript. It is a cloud-based offering that gives a marketer full command of leadership generating programs. Using Opttify it is possible to create new sales leads, maintain current sales leads and even evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities.

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