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Headquartered in Bangor, ME, Pulse is a full-service marketing and advertising agency offering online marketing services such as web design, SEO and paid search. What is the difference between a marketing company and a marketing agency? New York City Digital Marketing Agency. On-line marketing companies: lead generation, inbound, SEO, PPC, content marketing, advertising, websites, apps. Discover the best digital marketing agencies in the world!

Who we are

Do you want to set your marketing strategies in motion? We have no ego's or big agency policy here, only we who work for you to reach your objectives. Employees are highly skilled in all aspects of the service we provide and have a "can do" approach to all our project work and the challenge we face.

They know marketing! We have been working with Cintia and her group since 2015. Couldn't be more happy with the time. At Jeff S. Pulse Marketing we have a highly motivated marketing and marketing department that is proud of its work! When you are looking for a push in your marketing, you are the way to the business!

Many thanks to Cintia and the co-workers for all your work! In my past experiences with Pulses, they have always been professionals and have responded to my needs. Our employees are approachable, alert, creative and committed to the production of a top class work. Thanks to the marketing department at Jamie C. for the development of our new website and for the opportunity to bring a premium brand to market more than 2 week earlier!

What is the difference and why should I be interested?

Response was in the breadth of service they offered. What is the main distinction between a marketing company and a marketing agency? Marketing companies" (as well as "top marketing companies") is by far the most commonly used keyword when searching for information about marketing service providers.

Agency members usually consisted of a group of " agent " or individual independents working under a single trademark for their own marketing and promotional use. Consider insurers who all offer state agricultural service but run their own business separately. This also applies to property brokers and financial intermediaries.

Everyone sells the service of a particular trademark, but in the conventional way they act as their own businesses. Enterprises, on the other side, tend to record persons who all work for the same enterprise as staff (or partners). However, this has no longer been the case in marketing for several decades. We have several arguments why we choose the word "agency" over "firm", none of them scientifically or on the basis of a shared application code.

In the first place, a company involves a smaller group of experts who offer a restricted spectrum of activities, in this case marketing. For example, a research company will only deliver this kind of activity, while a communication agency could incorporate the research into its full remit.

Secondly, the word "firm" is more commonly used to describe a smaller business specializing in providing traditionally PR related information so that " PR firms " is an acceptable word for this type of information supplier. Providing a full array of marketing activities, as well as PR and PR, the use of the word "marketing company" for what we do is too restricted.

Marketers like ours do so much more than that, we can't take the opportunity to get puzzled for a mere PR-company. It is important for customers to recognise this difference so that they know that they are one with the widest spectrum of products and service when looking for the right marketing partners.

Our customers know that the benefit of an agency like ours is that once we have understood your challenges, the issues you're trying to address, and the success you're trying to accomplish, we can create an end-to-end marketing strategy with all the marketing tools you need to accomplish those objectives.

This could mean a mix of conventional PR, CMS marketing, ad and pay-sync, and a digitally targeted marketing effort. It is only a full-service marketing agency that can offer this kind of approach. In today's communication environment, there is not a single way to promote loyalty.

A number of choices and frameworks are needed that demand a full-service agency, not a specialist company.

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