Make Money Stuffing Envelopes

Earn Money with Filling Envelopes

" It tells you that you can make easy money by stuffing envelopes for companies that apparently haven't yet discovered batch mail processing equipment. In order to make money stuffing envelopes at home, you need to have something that you can stuff into the envelopes, you need a product that you can advertise. What's better than making money by stuffing envelopes while watching Oprah and eating sweets? Usually promoters advertise that they can tell you how to make money at home for a "small" fee. Become the first to receive tips on making money.

Fraud 101 - Filling envelopes, sending circulars, stitching brochures, creating mailinglists -

Earn $863 a week with filled envelopes! ANY INSERTABLE-FILLABLE "OPPORTUNITY". A great drug doesn't make it any better. If you are reading this little essay, simply replace "booklet stitching of brochures" and "compilation of mailinglists" and "mailing circulars" wherever you see "stuffing envelopes", and you will also be informed about these great "possibilities".

FIRST WAY: "...according to our simple orders. Nobody's gonna give you $5 or $2 or even $1 to fill an envelop. The majority of businesses fill envelopes mechanically. They will have specific needs, and they will employ staff to fill envelopes....... but they will employ LOCAL, and they will be paying "enveloping rates" which will be a minimal salary (if that is so).

" They' ll be sending you some newsletters the same as the ones you received when you sent your $1 or $2 or $5 to get "full details". Others in despair will give you $1 or $2 or $5 for "full details". "They' ll also be sending a satellite....................................................... and you' gonna put the same shit you just got in her envelop and return it.

At the other end, if the individual is a trustworthy way like you, they will submit their $39.00 for "jump-start and full instructions". "but this one sells a miracle diet biscuit. Who told you there really was a Cookie? What does it matter to them to sell their cookies if they have already earned money with "jump-starting aids and full instructions"?

Don't let your money-back guaranty rock you to your world. Probabilities are the warranty says that they will repay your money if you obey their simple statements and cannot make much money. What's the big deal is that most folks won't be following their orders because they don't want to go that low, and if they don't, they have no guarantees at all, and in the end they throw the whole bunch in the garbage and kiss their $39. 00 Goodbye.

I tried everything I knew for a year and a half to make money on the web.

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