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Saving time and money with our professional Direct Mailing Services brochure. We are your complete solution for printing, addressing, tabbing and shipping. Ever heard of job offers that offer jobs for working from home? Easily format your postcards, brochures, letters, flyers and more. One of our most popular products, the standard brochure offers plenty of space for your marketing message and business information.

Lingo Direct Mail: Which is a Self-Mailer?

Like the name says, a self-mailer relates to any advertising item that does not need an envelop. Instead of an envelop, a self-mailer is conceived in such a way that addressing information and postal charges can be directly imprinted (or affixed) on it. Self-malenders provide a cost-effective way of directly selling, with the overwhelming bulk spread across consumers' homes.

The majority of self-mailers consist of a solid sheet of long-life cardboard or sheet that is pleated into sheets and taped or dotted to keep it securely sealed during transport. Popular folder configuration for a self-mailer are the high folder, triple folder and quadruple folder. You can also design a multi-page spreadsheet, such as a collected newsletters or a small text file, as a self-mailer.

From a technical point of view, a postal card is a self-mailer, but is seldom described as such. One of the advantages of a self-mailer over the use of a conventional cover is that a self-mailer can be creative with eye-catching text and pictures. As there is no cover to open, these colourful graphic elements are immediately visible to the receiver.

That' s why self-mailers are so much in demand for advertising reasons like the announcement of sells and special occasions or the promotion of goods and sevices with a short but convincing range. Another advantage of self-mailers is that they are less expensive than the preparation and dispatch of a conventional advertising mail or parcel.

Besides eliminating the costs of enveloping and reprinting several items, there is also no need to load the content into an envelop. If your mailing requires an additional feature such as a response form or voucher, these can be integrated directly into the self-mailer via easily removable holes.

Designed for bulk mailing - Selfmailers have a firm place in the realm of live mailing, and bulk mailing is a straightforward way of sending a clear signal to people. As a selfmailer has an immediate effect, it is an excellent way to convey a powerful advertising campaign directly to the household. Self-mails are particularly efficient when sent to an established clientele or to those already acquainted with your make or offer.

When a self-mailer may sound like something you want to include in your market planning, contact Formax at 866-367-6221. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any print or mailing queries.

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