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Using Magento Affiliate you can effectively organize pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program in your Magento online store. The Magento Affiliate Program Extension allows you to organize and automate your affiliate program so that your shop is advertised throughout the day. Such modules, affiliates for all, are modules that I think are loosely related to the core. A Magento e-commerce site I owned and was looking for an affiliate program. There is a free module for adding an affiliate program below.

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Enlargement will require the installation of the following FREE specific Extended Services to operate properly: Magento 1 Affiliate Expansion is a well thought-out system that takes your merchandising to the next stage. A partner program is a good way to advertise your shop and boost your sales.

It' s advantageous for both sellers and partners as they advertise your shop on their websites and you are rewarding them per purchase. Affiliate program expansion for Magento 1 is a key for the companies that are standing on their own two legs. Attract some skilled Leads; Encourage your service outside your shop; Transform your shop into better ranking and better ranking in your searchengines; Increase your shop's revenue and revenue.

Affiliate Magento 1 will help you organise an affiliate program in just a few easy moves. Configure policies and terms for a specific productslection; specify the current timeframe; choose groups of customers; customize campaigns rate according to a fixed/level percentage or fixed/level amount. Maintain all your transaction; Modify affiliate client activity according to your group; Specify a payout threshold and a retention threshold; Create alerts to be sent to your shop; Include tax in profit calculation; Append commission from the back-end; Allow your affiliate to receive sales reporting, conversions, revenue streams, defined their periods and downloaded them; Use an affiliate program in different shop view modes.

In order to see the expansion first hand, please click on the following links: If you need help with a particular enhancement, the best place to begin is to get in touch with the development team. The Magento development team has a list of both our customer service e-mail and our customer service e-mail.

Magento Affiliate Extension - Magento Recommend a Friend Online

Published in 2009, this expansion was the first Magento Affiliate expansion ever! Only we offer up to 6 ways for Affiliates to direct and 4 ways for you to earn paid affiliate fee. Create your Magento multi-level merchandising program easily! #1- Schedule and develop your affiliate program: Define compelling provision, rebate and withdrawal requirements according to your market strategies.

#Make the tool available to your partners: #Three: Begin your affiliate recruitment: Makes the sign-up procedure and affiliate recommendation program easy and evident to draw in people. #Four Track Partner Performance: Monitors, reviews and filters transaction, partner reporting and recommendation programmes with clear tracking-code. Select from various payout options (including automatic Paypal API processing) to fund your partners on the basis of your unique payout requests.

The Magento Affiliate modul allows you to select the affiliate fee or percent to be determined and simply select your favorite tariff. You can also distinguish between the commission/discount stages of the first and subsequent orders. They can also define the "payout obligation", i.e. a certain amount that the partners' credit must achieve before they can apply for a payment.

As soon as an affiliate has managed to refer a boyfriend to your shop, they may be eligible for royalties for the lifetime of that friend's transaction. If, for example, a client is first persuaded to buy your product through Affiliate A, Lifetime Customers only allows Affiliate A to earn a fee when that client makes a sale.

The affiliate can access the Customer section of the front-end to find out how many Customer they have. 4, the administrator can manual add/remove lifelong clients for a particular affiliate accounts in the back-end. Associates submit their lifetime customer lists to the administrator for approval and update. A further function, which is also very interesting, is that if you assume the dependability of your partners, you can decide to keep their provisions for a certain amount of it.

You can also automate the addition or deduction of an accounting statement's provision on the basis of order state. With Affiliate Plus you have full power over the recommendations. It' easy to create, delete, activate or deactivate partners and modify the settings on the Manage Accounts page as shown below: If you go to each detail page of the page, you can simply modify the information to your liking.

It' also easy to see information about partners like their programmes, buddies, transactions as well as payment. Allows you to create/deduct the commissions in the partner's credit by hand. This Magento Affiliate Add-on can help you fulfill your requirements if you want your own clients to become your own affilates! In the most comfortable way, an affiliate can easily link via e-mail or via community services (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

In addition, it allows the affiliate to personalize the links to be more friendly. You will be given the opportunity to obtain information about a partner's order number, product, provision and rebate. 4 you can start a new business on the basis of the orders made. It also allows the affiliate to keep abreast of their commissions and purchases.

The administration area allows you to conveniently set up and monitor payouts from partner account. In order to broaden the affiliate option base, you can provide them with an option to earn a fee with cash or a loan. At the frontend, affilates can apply for a payout or display their provision as shop credits. The payout histories are displayed on the Affiliate Account/Payment page.

Affiliates advertise their product through many different media. However, only if your product is bought through their link, recommendations can receive a fee. Rather than perform the withdrawal by hand when an affiliate request the withdrawal, the administrator can use the PayPal automatic processing API, which makes the Magento Affiliate Program withdrawal more comfortable and quick.

The Affiliate Payments plug-in gives you the opportunity to use many different types of payments such as PayPal, Moneybookers, offline payments, bank transfers to fund your affiliate account. If your partners do not have their own affiliate site, what happens? The Affiliate Substore allows an affiliate to set up a substore linking that displays all the items they wish to advertise.

Just select your product and affiliate and add it to your sub-shop. Buy per Lead will help you build a program that allows affiliates to get fees for the real number of leads generated by them. Clients can follow their PPL program fees as follows: Click Per Click (PPC) is a very common affiliate payment technique. It is a plug-in that allows you to make recommendations and make cash depending on the number of hits on your website that you have.

The Affiliate can see the number of hits and the corresponding commission they get. Using our Pay Per Mille (PPM) plug-in, you can set up affiliate fees for thousands of banners/links they create. The Affiliate can see the number of viewings and the corresponding fees they get.

Would you like to run different programmes with different fee levels depending on your customer or your group of products? Multi Program" is a function that allows you to easily generate such programmes. Allows you to easily insert additional applications, modify applications, etc. There are many functions of a program that you can view and modify, such as applicable category, condition, action, etc., if you go to the details page as described below:

First the affiliate points to a hyperlink and lets a boyfriend register to become an affiliate. If the second partner manages to sell a specific item, both he and the first partner can receive a fee. With this plug-in you can adjust the number of levels, amount of commissions and type of commissions for different levels.

When partners are engaged in animal operations, they can view information on the number of animal operations, animal receipts and animal fees as follows: Every affiliate receives a voucher key, which he can sent to his mates. If your friend uses this to place an order in your shop, the affiliate will earn commission.

Since also the clients who have been asked to participate benefit, the exchange rates of this approach seem to be higher than others. Activate the use of the voucher, create the coding template and select whether you want to use the affiliate voucher at the same time as the sales voucher. On the front end, the window labeled My Affiliate Account of the customer displays the customer's account number, program and provisioning.

The partner can process the voucher codes to adapt them to his requirements. With this function you can follow affiliate revenue, affiliate clicks, imprint stories, bestseller reviews and affiliate account. Therefore, it is simple to analyse the partner program and find a way to enhance it. They can also check their own performances and report on turnover, clicking and feedback.

The Affiliate Direct Link tracking plug-in allows you to edit the standard affiliate linking file size to be short and friendly. Helping an affiliate to sign up for a website or website to show a banner without any problems. Visitors will no longer be able to simply realise affiliate clicks, so they will click more.

With this multilevel market expansion, you can help your partners drive revenue growth by giving them extra revenue from a specific sale or order value. Once the plug-in is in place, the affiliate can view your information about extra affiliate fees on the affiliate homepage. In the event that the overall sale value in a given monthly period was greater than $1,000, as set up in the back end, the affiliate would receive $10 more for each of their next orders in that monthly period:

The back end allows you to configurate the properties of this extra provision, such as computation base (orders or sales), provision types, provision level, and so on.

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