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Take a look at our comparison chart to see how we can compete with other magazine partner programs. Subscriptions to magazines are of the highest quality and range from business and news to sports and fashion at special prices. The AnyTime affiliate program! Take the bluedolphin. com affiliate program!

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Join as a partner today! Use our creativ graphic designs, optimised text link and advertising offer at your service. Withdrawals are made every 30 trading days at the end of each monthly through Rakuten Linkshare, our affiliate network. With our highly reactive affiliate network, we can help you optimise your e-commerce experiences.

Better make better choices with real-time reports and information tailored to your website. Better make better choices with real-time reports and information tailored to your website.

partner program

With over 1,500 tracks on our website, we ensure that our rates are the rock-bottom ones approved by publishing houses. For the following reason we part with other magazine dealers: Astonishing 18% on every purchase! Our partners are taken very seriously. Understanding that a committed affiliate employee who is willing to help you is one of the most important prerequisites for your business to be successful.

Our affiliate marketing department can be contacted either by telephone, e-mail or facsimile and you will receive an answer within 24 hour, guarantee. Inhouse subsidiaries please register here.

partner program

How soon will I get my first journal edition? It' going to take 6-10 week for your first edition to get here. That is the usual advance period for the launch of a magazinescription. After ordering, it will take about one to two week until your order is delivered and planned.

Subscriptions are then added to the publisher's next product lifecycle and sent by post. If, for example, your order for a magazine is placed and your order is delivered to the publishing house in July and the August edition has already been dispatched, your order can be added to the September mailshot. Publishing houses ask you to schedule 4 to 6 week (weekly magazines) and 6 to 10 week (monthly magazines) for the beginning of deliveries.

For other, less frequent journals, it may take longer to get there. In case you have not recieved your registration within the anticipated period, please e-mail us and we will follow up. Remember that your unsubscription begins when you get your first edition - not when you place your orders.

Simply place the desired magazine in the basket. Turn'No' to'Yes' -- and when you checkout, make sure your delivery adress matches the adress on the tag of your magazine. What can I do to mail journals to more than one adress?

Click on the button "Add new delivery address" on the cash register verification page. Please fill in the delivery adress and click on "Checkout". Select the dropdown list in the "Shipping to" section and select the correct adress. What can I do to subscribe to a magazine for gifts? Once you have reached the Order Acknowledgement page, click "Add" next to each magazine and type in a unique custom email to appear on the voucher.

Every receiver will receive a free gift voucher. Can I order safely on line? Just send a question via our on-line enquiry and we will get back to you within 72hrs. May I use a different country for subscription? Are you accepting orders if I don't have a major bank account or don't want to use it now?

Just send us a query using our on-line enquiry and we would be delighted to work with you in every respect. Where can I go to get a new adress? If you wish to modify your mailing adress, please send a question via our on-line contact page. Insert your actual adress and your new adress in the text of the news.

Are you going to "automatically renew" my plan? Look for other magazine subscriber pages that provide continuously serviced subscriptions.

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