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Create an entry for your company in local search engine directories. When you have a local company, you can address your target group by post or postal code. You have many possibilities to market your event for free or at a very low price. Locate them at local attractions and busy intersections near your home. In order to win a local audience, submit your website to Google Local Business.


How to highlight your local business through your site : Appelez votre site. Click sur "Mettez votre entreprise en valeur localement". Fill in the details for your ad. If you don't see the "Highlight your business locally" optional, you may need to update the category for your page. How to update the category of your page : Cliquez sur "Info" sous votre image de couverture.

Switch annonces avec l'outil de création d'annonces ou dans l'éditeur d'alimentation Reach Ads sans mettre à jour la catégorie de votre page. To highlight your local store in the Ads Creation Tool : Sélectionnez la page qui appartient à votre magasin local.

This is how you highlight your local business with the Power Editor :

Probably Google Places is the most important, but worst advertised place on Google for small companies and marketing companies.

It' Google Places' is, and it ' s Google. Cleaner (Google Search). Of course, it's very important for anyone whose store is local to get to the top of the free Google Places lists.

When you' re not on the list, just go here and obey the directions. Tags are another ill-named but important Google Places feat.

In any case, Google Tags are simple payed ads on Google Places. Package 00 per months, and your Google Places entry will have a small yellow "tag" that distinguishes it from others. Here, too, we are talking about flat-rate ads, not about pay-per-click, as is the case with Google AdWords. We' ve had some customers using these when it was in San Jose experimentally, and they got very good results - much better results dollars for dollars than on their Google AdWords.

That' s why I always suggest that everyone uses Google tags wherever possible. In order to use Google Tags, just login to your Google Account and login. Some people offer vouchers to encourage selling and offer better value, while others use video to get in touch with the audience and give their company more character.

As a result of the good response, there has been tremendous enthusiasm that even more shopkeepers are able to contact local clients. So, to get the message across via Google Tags, we're giving any company across the nation the opportunity to try Google Tags free for 30s! To take full benefit of this service and try Google Places / Google Tag ads, simply login to your Google Places account and following the directions there.

This is a great free chance for any business that relies on local searching to try it out!

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