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Please send an e-mail with the desired date and time for the pick-up on site. Classifieds | Publish local online ads without registration. A number of companies use classified ads to hire new employees. Local classification can sometimes increase your SEO rankings. B√ľndaberg Free classifieds online to sell your items.

The new Washington Post Local Classifieds page launched today.

Washington Post Company's new express site is the latest step by a news publishing company to remain afloat during the turnaround in classified ads. Express, the on-line element of Swiss Post's free Swiss Post dailies of the same name, incorporates its hyperlocal, community-based contents into Oodle's Oodle databases.

"Liddy Manson, VP General Manager of Employment, Autos and Property for Washington Post, said, "The evolving classified ad environment definitely had a great deal to do with the evolution of the new location. The Oodle Express license allows Oodle to license its Express programming interface so that it can show Oodle offers on its website and allow Oodle customers to generate both free and fee-based offers.

During this gentle launches, which will last at least a few week, displays will not be available for sale for placement on the express site. Instead, ad operators who have bought advertisements on WashingtonPost.com will extend their campaign to the Express page. In contrast to the Washingtonpost.com and Newsweek websites, which target a domestic and global audience, the Express publishing house has developed Express to target D.C. subway people.

Contents such as theatre, night club and restaurants listedings and review are available nearby depending on the subway stations. The site displays local related blogs and information about local entertainments when a user clicks on a particular subway stop on a card created using the Google API.

You can also receive e-mail alerts when new offers are published on the basis of a preset find query. Ma says the publishers hope to get local merchants to buy neighborhood-oriented blogs and post advertisements across the site. Among the blogs on offer are "Free Ride," a local message blogs that refers to Washington Post tales and items, as well as "Window Shopper," a small ad blogs with curious or particularly notable offers.

Selected blogs from the magazine's website will be added to the printed version. Expedited printing was introduced in the spring of 2003. In May, a domestic carrier will be sponsoring a competition on the site, according to Sandy Yielding, Washington Post's Director of International Market. User can enter their own free expedited offers for general goods, flatmates, condominiums and ticketing.

Offers Payed Classes cover automobiles, property, jobs informations and pet. 0odle receives feedback from classified ads publishing houses such as Cars.com and CareerBuilder.com and searches the web to find entries pertinent to his index, which already contains Washingtonpost.com's classified ads. Payment advertiser with offers in the printed edition of Express or Washington Post will receive automatic prioritization of their classified ads on the Express results pages.

Publishers cannot be low-cost providers, but the reality is that they are in direct opposition to these many free listing companies, from Craigslist to classified ads sites that list multiple sites such as Indeed and Google Base. And Oodle is licensing its technologies to Lycos and Backpage.com, a free classified ad site from Village Voice Media.

"Papers are still the first choice to reach local consumers," proposed Peter Krasilovsky, director of the local news consultancy Krasilovsky Consultancy, who added: "[Classifieds] aggregate is a confirmation that there are many other springs. "Krasilovsky thinks that the execution of classified ads on the new express site will be good for recruiters, as the publishers will invest a great deal of money into attracting visitors to the site.

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