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As you design your next online marketing campaign, consider how location-based advertising can lead to higher conversion rates. With our extensive tailor-made marketing solutions, our advertising team can also help you reach customers anywhere, anytime. Marketing digital products and solutions. The possibility exists when an Omnichannel solution is offered. Learn how we've helped address unique challenges in each industry with proven, category-specific marketing solutions.

Includes 3 local advertising solutions to create sales lead

As you design your next on-line recruiting drive, consider how location-based advertising can drive higher conversions. Google says about 40 per cent of search queries are local, so it's vital to find ways to differentiate yourself on the web. Luckily, there are tens of easy-to-use leadership generating marketers available, and any options can deliver significant results.

These are three utilities you should use in your next local marketer. The Foursquare services are truly exceptional because they fit perfectly into the consumption and commercial world. Foursquare is enjoyed by customers because it provides them with a place where they can talk directly to other customers about the facilities they have.

Each time a subscriber posts a reference to a company's company information record, any following subscriber can see that information. Companies profit from this kind of interactivity (especially if the tip is positive), so it is important to create an affiliate and have it available to them. EachBlock - This feature concentrates on 16 towns in the United States.

Similar to Foursquare, visitors need to login before receiving information about the city or neighbourhood they are in. Capturing local Flickr photographs, evaluating local companies on Yelp and channelling Craigslist contents to deliver a truly unique event, the Flickr site is at the forefront of innovative companies that can explore the advertising advantages of the Flickr site.

Recent research has shown that Google AdWords members see lower costs per call for publishers of advertisements on Google AdWords, so using this feature to help local shoppers grow their business can be cheaper and more rewarding. Which other local utilities have you used to help enhance your local advertising campaig? Jones is Senior Market Manager in the Cox Communications Senior Communications Department, where he helps lead Cox Business Communications Development Strategies, Program Ideology and Implementation.

Today, more than 1 million Cox Communications enthusiasts are involved with Cox Communications contents, campaign and customer care on Facebook, Twitter, You Tove.

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