List your Property for Rent

Listing your property for rent

Search through thousands of rental apartments and find your new home online! View the highest current proposal and the number of people who have applied for the property so you can make an informed decision. Simply let your property to international tenants. High demand, verified users, easy listing management, online booking and multilingual customer support. It is a process that landlords must use when entering a property that you are renting.

Royalty Your Way offers a convenient and cost-effective way for homeowners to win and retain renters without the need for brokers or other go-betweens.

Royalty Your Way offers a convenient and cost-effective way for homeowners to win and retain renters without the need for brokers or other go-betweens. It' simply to list a home for rent or other property without a broker. Simply complete the six step guide at the top of the page on how it works to rent your home or other property successfully as a privately held rental.


Administer your property on Cubbi and just 2% of the fee. Liberate your spirit and your precious moments. Paid less if the discrepancy between 7% and 2% is high 5. There is no agency, his charges or telephone call needed courtesy game. Do your job with Cubbi without the hassle of having to make countless voice mail to your caretaker.

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Preparation of your house for rent

The preparation of your own home for other rental is not as easy as just relocating and setting a rental agreement at the front. Several things to keep in mind before paying a stranger for the right to live in your fortress. So why prep your house for rent?

Not only will a correctly groomed house bring in a better rent per week and a better renter, it will also help make the whole tenancy cycle from beginning to end straightforward and uncomplicated. There are also some changes that could make your home more attractive and set it apart from the rest - or even increase your rent.

Here is our check list, what you should consider before letting your house. You' ll do everything from the mailbox to the back perimeter and everything in between to make sure your home is in top shape. The same goes for anything small you've just gotten used to, such as moldy bath mortar, leaky gaskets, draining faucets, damaged tile or spalling paintwork.

Consider what you will let behind or let the renters use and make sure it is in good state. If, for example, your home has room for a dish washer, it is usually best to keep it as it offers added value. Or, if your dry cleaner has a specially designed place for a built-in washer, you might want to keep it rather than ask a lessee to buy their own.

If you want your property to be returned to you in good conditions, you should raise the bar. Like you would if you sold your property before renting it out, give it a good springwash and make sure it sparkles. Don't just do the basic work - we mean good cleaning in spring:

Potential renters are the same as potential purchasers - they will be more drawn to a well presented property. While you may not want to go that far to get the property style lists, make sure you do your best to make it look good from the photographs and that it is neat for all viewing.

Are the fences in good shape? The use of new colours, carpets and luminaires can be a cost-effective but efficient way of modernising a property. The addition of heat and cool, such as reversing climate control, can provide potential added value for a rented property. So a new bath or kit can be when the old one is very old, but you need to do your own cost-benefit assessment and see how long it takes for the original costs to pay off.

A property administrator or agency can best assist you in your particular circumstances. Consider whether any part of your property does not comply with applicable rules or security policies. Is the property in compliance with the electricity and Wassereffizienz requirements of your municipal rental law? Review the legislation applicable to your property with your property administrator or realtor.

Of course, the whole letting procedure will be simpler if you select a good property administrator or realtor who will negotiate for you, relieve your headache and access their specialist knowledge.

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