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Houses and townhouses for sale and for rent. Get a lot of attention for your property and get a free listing every month! Cancellation conditions - free of charge at the last minute, clear with advance notice. Simply let your property to international tenants. Register your property free of charge.

Register your property for free

Your shopping basket is currently empty..... Retrieve shopping basket detail..... Articles in shopping cart: exposition for a small charge. Showcase your letting or real estate sales on Africa's biggest on-line trading platform and attract more than one million unique traffic per year. * This free quote is valid for one classifieds ad per months. In the case of supplementary advertisements, there are charges as per default for the insertion of real estate.


SALE OR RENTAL OF THEIR PROPERTY? Through our global branch exchange which advertises your property around the clock, 7 nights a week, our branch exchange offers the best possible terms and services through our branch exchange close to your home. You can tell us more about your home. With our award-winning web technologies, we give your home a push.

Sale or rental without concealed cost, without obligation and completely clear terms! Do you think about buying, leasing or leasing your house? Ask one of our local partners to provide you with a free quote and provide our approximate schedule for the sale or rental of your property. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today, after your entry you will be contacted by our employees in the closest branch!

Let your house private and online.

Promote your property FREE of charge* quickly and simply on our website. C295 added per extra ad. What should you do with your lease? Quickly find a lessee! 50 interested lessees per letting means you can find a lessee in no more than a matter of minutes. Present your property with a complete photo galery, a detailled property plan and a fixed position on our maps.

Promote your property FREE of charge* quickly and simply on our website. C295 per extra entry added.

ByRoof - Sell my property

That leads to more people interested in your property. Each of the private real estate on our website has layouts in the major centres. In addition to getting an impression of the size of the property, the purchaser also has the opportunity to see the size of each room and see where he wants to insert or delete a partition.

Finally, the layout gives the potential purchaser a clear picture of what the property looks like, as the arrow on the layout shows the angles from which each photograph was taken. Purchasers now get a true feeling for the property and can immediately see if this is what they were looking for.

That means that only reputable purchasers will make bids on your property. In addition to the infinite photographs and the added layout, we also provide a large customer database where notifications are sent to purchasers looking for a property like yours. Notifications are sent to potential purchasers who have indicated that they are interested in a property in a particular area at a particular pricing level.

Notifications are also sent when you lower your quoted prices or agree an exhibition date with us. It also keeps purchasers interested in your property! On our website we keep your property until the date of sale - no matter if it takes a single working days or a year.

The MyRoof has several hundred thousand property purchasers and sends ten thousand warnings every morning to keep these purchasers informed of new property that may be of interest to them. Don't be worried if you've been told that the sale of your property is tricky because you're in our competent hands - that's what we do all the time, every single working day. Our service is designed to help you sell your property.

Featuring our front panel display, many photographs of your property, detail sketches, MyRoof For Sale Bord, MyRoof On Show Boards and warnings sent to our large database.

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