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Popular Top 10 Sites for 2017

We recently made a list of the 10 most beloved websites in the word for 2017. This list we've put together is from statistics, a website that keeps track of thousands of website visitors to compile a list of the most frequently viewed websites by countries and worldwide. Alexa's ranking is generated on the basis of estimated website per user per day, page per page per user per day, percentage per site per visit and the number of websites that are linked to each website in their list.

Taobao () - originally started in May 2003, Taobao () is the most favorite on-line marketing place for users (C2C) in China. This website is aimed at domestic customers who appreciate the platform's broad product and service offering and its competitive pricing. Taobao is number 10 in the world according to Alexa, but is number 3 in China among the most visited websites.

The following graph and a study by the World Economic Forum show that the website also draws visitors from Japan, South Korea, the United States and Hong Kong. Mean time spent on the site is 8:52 min and about 4 pages. was established by Tencent in November 1998 and has over six hundred million subscribers.

Strategically aimed at offering its visitors "one-stop on-line lifetime service", the site provides a range of content reaching from IM, email, search engines, shoppers and even on-line dining. Combined with other highly used functions such as fora, chats and QQ groups, Tencent's Qzone has become China's biggest private web room, with nearly 1 billion QQ IMs.

Furthermore, the Qq Show, QQ Pet, QQ Game and QQ Music/Radio/Live are also successful in offering their customers possibilities for fun and customisation., rated by Alexa at number 9, is also the second most visited website in China. 3 percent of the site's traffic comes from China, just like Taobao, attracting people from Japan, South Korea and the USA.

Usually the avarage attendee will spend 4:38 mins on the site and see about 4[promptly 3. 91] pages. In comparison to the other China website on the Taobao list, however, Qq has an almost twice the rebound ratio - 31.10%. All users can submit to Reddit articles and hyperlinks, with themes that cover everything new and new on the web.

By 2017, Reddit had 542 million visits per month and 234 million uniquely qualified people. Though Reddit is number 8 worldwide by Alexa, the site is considered the fourth most beloved site in the United States. More than half of the site's viewers come from the United States, but the site also draws traffic from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany.

One interesting statistic is that the avarage users spend the longest amount of times (15:53 minutes) on the site in comparison to the remainder of the sites placed in the most favorite top 10. Reddit's visitors look at about 10 pages[10. 38] and the website has a 25.50% rebound ratio.

This is done to browse the whole web or just websites from India. number 7 in the Alexa World Rankings shows that the vast bulk of web usage is determined by the information retrieval process. Visitors spent an average of 8:06 hours per day on the website and viewed about 11 pages[11.12].

Jahoo is one of the top 10 trailblazers among the most beloved websites in 2017. It' the oldest and second most common Internet searching machine. In addition to the world-renowned web site, the Yahoo! Find Engines, the site offers many web site related features such as the Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, Publicity, Web Maps, Web Share, and more.

Yahoo has 700 million registered members per month. In the age of Google and Facebook, however, the website has difficulty reaching its position on the list. In terms of statistics, the website ranks sixth worldwide and sixth in the USA, with a significant number of visits from India, Taiwan, Indonesia and Brazil.

Yahoo visitors typically spends about 4:05 a.m. on the site and see about 3 pages per visit[3.79]. The website, created on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, is today the biggest and most loved general online resource on the web. Wikipedia, as you can see above, draws the most visitors in the USA, followed by Japan, India, China and Germany.

Mean visitors see about 3 pages[3. 27] and spend 4:11 hours on the site. 40% of website visitors come from a web site searching machine. Baidu was founded on 18 January 2000 and is the China based website and the most popular website in China. There is a "simple and reliable" searching function in Mandarin, which includes searching for multimedia contents - audio files containing songs and film.

In addition, the website was the first in China to provide WAP- and PDA-based wireless searching. Baidu is not only the most famous China speaking web site, similar to, but also offers over 50 other features. Averaging 7:54 min. on Baidu, viewers look at 6 pages[6.31].

Mark Zuckerberg founded the much-loved Harvard based community service site in 2004 in his Harvard student residence. It has since expanded to over a billion global subscribers, making it the most efficient person search engine on the Internet. Alexa says Facebook ranks third in terms of appeal, both internationally and in the US.

Mean users spend 9:47 hours on the site and visit around 4 pages[4. 01], Facebook has by far the highest number of websites that are linked to it - 7,601,185, compared to its competitors in the top 10 most liked websites in the globe. The Youtube is the second most watched and frequented website in the whole year.

Alexa statistics show that the mean user spent 8:25 min and saw about 5 pages[4.95]. We have 2,699,220 websites that provide links to YouTube. Aside from the USA, where the website also ranks second, YouTube receives the most traffic from India, Japan, China and Russia.

One of the most searched and frequented sites in the whole wide web is Google. Seventeen billion a month Google user actively in the game. In addition to its own searching machine, the site offers many other features - such as its beloved e-mail feature - Gmail, and specialised searching through blog posts, catalogues, video clips, messages, etc. - as well as a number of other features.

We have 3,560,046 websites that refer to Google. Mean duration of stay on the site is 8:01 a.m. each day, with about 9 pages viewed[8.93]. is number 1 of the most visited websites in the USA, number 3 in India in the same categories, number 2 in Japan and number 1 in Iran.

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