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A job website is a website that deals specifically with employment or career. Several of the following pages also list opportunities for volunteering. A list of international job sites for development cooperation. Below is an extensive list of job sites for people looking for a job in International Development. A number of websites are available that can be helpful in finding employer websites.

The top 50 of the best job search sites

Elizabeth Magill was asked to rate all the job seek pages out there to see which ones could really help you. Join this guided tour to broaden your job searching and discover a host of new job opportunities (and application tools). Luckily, you can use a number of job hunting websites, utilities and applications to help you find your ideal job.

These are 50 of the best job pages, applications and tools: Industriespecific job searching websites help you concentrate your effort on the area in which you want to work. Each of these locations is prominent in its own niche. 1 ) - Dice is a website dealing with the technology industries.

As well as a solid data base of available IT vacancies, it provides a broad selection of IT recruitment recommendations and hints. Browse over 87,000 positions advertised on by skill, title, site, job title (full-time, part-time, contractual, fixed-term, temp-to-hire, etc.) or by name.

2 ) - offers another amazing place for those interested in working in the technology sector to look for employment in the sector. TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, TechCrunch IT and Crunch Gear readership is connected to the site, and the posts published here are likely to attract frequent website users.

Whilst the Executive Director is mainly focused on technology roles, you can also find here opportunities in the areas of distribution and engineering, client services and operational excellence - mainly in technology-based companies. It' s an exhilarating area and is the place you need to go on the internet to get an advantage in this highly competetive sector.

Barkeepers, line masters, head masters, master craftsmen and so on are all getting exciting new work to do from sea to sea. Culintro. com is the place to start your job hunt if you are or want to become a gastronomy pro. 4 ) - With nearly 9,000 positions in global financial services, financial services and insurances, is a great place to expand your industry sourcing.

5 ) - With the slogan "Fresh Jobs Serve Daily," is specialized in serving dinner service work, server, hostess, chef, dinner manager, and more in some of the best dining in the U.S. There are hundreds of thousand job opportunities available at any given moment in places across the state. 6 ) - Providing more than 500,000 U.S. medical job opportunities, is the first port of call you need to make in your job hunt if you want to develop a medical careers.

Job opportunities are available for a variety of healthcare professionals, among them CRNAs, RFNs, laboratory staff and more. 8 ) - boasts the slogan "The heartbeat of the media", and its job exchange certainly has its fingers on this heartbeat. This website offers everything from communication co-ordinators to editors to posters in all kinds of different areas of society and has a great deal to teach anyone who wants to get involved in communication and/or the press.

9) - Another site devoted to press work, provides over 800 press job vacancies around the globe. Besides the usual job vacancies, also provides freelancers and interns as well as variety vacancies in the editorial business. 10 ) - In additional to providing a sound job exchange for distribution pros, provides an outstanding array of retail education service and interesting distribution related items.

If you are an experienced professional in the selling business or are trying to enter the business, this is an great place to start for all your job seeking needs. It is possible to look by the date of the job advertisement, the name of the job, the enterprise and the site. - Although not as well known as some of the other technical job openings available on-line, provides nearly 200,000 technical and technical positions and the opportunity to build a proprietary careers pipeline to appeal to interested companies and recruitment professionals. All of the positions mentioned here are for non-profit organisations and cover vacancies, placements and volunteering.

Find by job category, keyword or area of interest and site. As well as the vacancies at, there are also article about the kind of work available and an e-mail list that sends a list of options on a day-to-day basis that is appropriate for your interests and your area.

Besides a wide range of workplaces around the world, the site also provides many distance work options for specialists looking for new tasks but who are not interested in relocation. 15 ) United StatesJobs. gov - From the Department of Transport to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the government's formal website for governing employment is United StatesJobs. gov. Jobseekers who are interested in working for the German Confederation can submit their applications on-line and find out about entitlement, payment and services.

The members also have at their disposal useful on-line presentation and contact resources for their portfolio. 17 ) IEEEJob Site - Provides a browseable list of available job opportunities in IEEE. Provide job seekers with job seeking features such as a resident build utility and the option to look for job opportunities through the employers.

18 ) - VentureBeat is dedicated to the latest technological innovations and its job exchange follows a broad palette of workplaces in the technological sector. 19 ) - Mashable is the ultimative resource for online community messages and opinions. You also have an outstanding job exchange with many online and offline job sites and a lot of online resources to help you build a great CV.

Well, now that you've researched a few sector- or niche-specific job pages, it's your turn to research those that provide more flexibility. When you are among those who are not, there are job pages only for you, like these. And remember that many of the above mentioned job exchanges and general job exchanges also list freelancer and contracting options below.

20 ) - With nearly 500,000 additional positions in the last few months alone, provides a broad array of job and careers, from season work in small businesses to study and more. 21 ) - Who looks for freelancers, distant work and part-time work, will profit from the possibilities on

Specialised job are all good and good, but sometimes it can help to expand the job searching and the big job exchanges can work well for it. It is not recommended to limit your quest to these large job exchanges (it is definitely more difficult to highlight yourself if you are a mindless résumé among thousands). Yet, folks get jobs this way and the boards are also useful for exploring the kinds of locations out there in your occupation.

You will find that there are some overlaps (same job appearing on more than one board) and it would probably be a full-time job to regularly attend them all. But you can simply create e-mail notifications to keep up with the job pages that seem to have most offers related to your quest. not only provides a job searching function with almost 6,000 positions, but also provides employee payroll information and business valuations. 26 ) - operates in 23 non-U.S. markets and continues to be one of the biggest job seekers on the Internet with 24 million hits per month. provides the ability for people to publish CVs and store job and search information. 27 ) - provides well over nine million workplaces and is expanding every single day, has a broad array of services from entry-level work to healthcare and high-tech. There are also diagrams showing sectoral, professional and geographical trend.

28 ) - Initially started as a website specializing in the hiring of managers who earn $100,000 or more a year, has extended its service to all types of job professionals that represent nearly 43,000 recruitment professionals. They provide specialist job opportunities in large and small towns in the USA and around the globe.

Each of these pages may be well suited for general job search. But it is a bug to depend solely (or even primarily) on job exchanges. Ensure that you use your networks and the performance of your online community for the best results. A lot of companies use online job portals as a way to advertise and connect with job applicants.

Learn more about job hunting utilities such as the ones below. 30 ) When it comes to useful job hunting utilities, it's almost not possible to find What you need to know is how to find it. Featuring a 11th overall Alexa ranking and a 7th US ranking, this site is a place to go for an employer - and must be one of the first places you review every day as you look for your new job.

Thanks to the simpleness and virality of the site, it is a high-performance recruitment instrument for companies and jobseekers who are so experienced that they can use this instrument in their job-hunting. 32 ) - This decent utility will extract job advertisements from various types of online job sites to meet your specified job searching requirements.

It is possible to define the conditions for the timing of the bookings, whether they are full-time or part-time jobs, and which kind of welfare platform you are looking for. Searching for jobs in online job portals gives an employer the assurance that they are in contact with a future-oriented company and technologies. However, if you're just entering the workforce, you need to consider websites targeted at college and career starters.

Student job pages, like these below, help college graduates coordinate with businesses looking for the bright prospects to get you to the desk. There are internships in all 50 countries that represent more than 62,000 enterprises with almost 91,000 internships. It was even ranked as one of Forbes Top 10 career pages.

Starting a job hunt is not nearly as difficult on websites like these that deal with job openings and internships. Now' s the chance to research the skills and technologies that will help you get your quest on the streets. Each jobseeker needs to have the right job searching software in their job searchingoolbox. No matter whether you use an interview utility or an application to find these job openings, they make your job searching not only simpler, but also more rewarding.

For example, job hunting applications are the latest hot tool you have in your job hunting armory. It will help you make your job hunting wearable so that you are not tied to your computer to find the right job. Take a look at these great job hunting applications and tool. 36 ) LinkUp Handheld App - Enjoy the power of LinkUp's job searching engine, which scans job offers found solely on websites with the mobility of cell phone and desktop tablets, so you always have your job with you.

37) The LinkedIn JobSearch App - Find, organize and find your job from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad with this free job searching application. 39 ) Good Job Application - Good Job by Code Beyond is a pay per job application that allows you to monitor your job seeking progression, generate assignments, event and follow-ups to job interview and other job seeking related activity, and even prioritize your jobseeking.

40 ) Hidden Jobs Application - Sometimes the most important thing is to get there first, and the Hidden Job application will help you do just that by searching the announcements of recruitment in papers, postings on search able articles and financial newsletters to get your messages about new jobs before they are posted on other jobsites.

These include browsing Indeed using the Global Positioning System (GPS) function on your telephone, determining part-time, full-time, contractual, freelancer and internships, salary comparisons, prioritizing job pursuits, and monitoring your job progression. Alwaysnote - Evernote is an awesome job hunting resource for the remainder of your days!

It' a great application to track all your research and project in one place with convenient, built-in production utilities. They publish the free Occupational Outlook Handbook, which offers job hunting advice, information about the job markets by state and much more. JuBberJobber - This is another useful on-line job hunting management utility that helps you track your job history and stay informed about your points of interest.

WorkCompass - JobCompass applications are available from the Apple App Store, Google Player Store, Nook App Store and Amazon App Store and allow you to browse available vacancies within five miles of your home up to 100 miles from your home base. All these 50 best job searching pages, utilities and applications at the touch of a button give you a much cleaner way to find the job of your dream.

Choose the ones that are most pertinent to your job searching strategy and use them today to optimise your job searching and find your next exciting chance. Which other best job searching pages do you think are good to use? HUMOR: Seinfeld - George Costanza is thinking about possible jobs:

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