List of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs List

This is a list of all affiliate and CPA networks. Outreach Ninja is a universal influencer marketing tool. Find out how to create an affiliate program for your online store. It makes it easier for potential partners to trust you and participate in your program. Thinking of making money through affiliate marketing but not knowing where to start looking?

WordPress Affiliate Marketing Programme 35 (Made Me 100k $ en 2017)

When you are in the WordPress business and want to earn cash through affiliate marketing, I have the flawless list for you. As a WordPress affiliate I depend on these programs to make a livelihood and earn about $8,000/month by supporting host, theme, WordPress developer on and even support WordPress affiliate service. Instead of administering tonnes of customer ventures (like before), I found a partner programme for everything and only made some commission.

My freetime is much more and my affiliate revenue is frankly more consistently than any revenue I have earned through advice. I' ve been filtering out the fucking partners that don't make you any cash but contain a couple (like ThemeForest) to tell you why I don't suggest them as a dependable revenue stream.

For many of these, you can register via, which is used to find, track, and pay fees from tonnes of dealers. Search the list and I promise you will find a new affiliate programme that will excite you to earn more commission. Don't neglect to write me a note if you have a question - or if you want to create new programs!

I earned $80,000 in 2017 and I expect to earn about $120,000 this year through SiteGround alone. It' $50 - $150 per purchase, based on the level you achieve each monthly, $150 per purchase if you begin 31+ purchases per purchase and SiteGround will contact you.

My support of SiteGround is because it's simple to resell.... see the Facebook surveys below. So you can reread my SiteGround hosted rating to see why I emotion it. Although other hosted affilates like WP Engine charge a $200 commission, SiteGround is still highly regarded in the WordPress market, so you will have higher convert rates and lower cancellation rates (and you build reader loyalty pointing them to a great host).

Check out my Siteground Affiliate Rating for advertising hints (contains many screenshots). Partner Disclaimer - if you register for SiteGround through my affiliate links, I will give you a good portion at no cost. In case you don't want to use it, you will find a non attached SiteGround hyperlink here.

One way or the other, I really think you're the best web site and your site will run faster/ your research on Google and Facebook groups and you'll find that most folks say the same thing. The WP Engine - $200 per purchase plus $50 for each purchase to sub-affiliates (if you recommend an affiliate and he makes a purchase, you get $50 on each purchase).

And if that is not enough, it is also an animal affiliate programme with volumetric incentives. Enormous commission with 180 Cookie-Tracking, but with a cancellation fee of 20%. Bloehost - $65 per sales from one of the most beloved WordPress host, but Bluehost has many poor ratings and they are not highly ranked in the Facebook survey.

However, most folks review several scores before they complete a hosting, so I would recommend that you become a SiteGround or WP Engine partner that has much better scores (and you get higher commissions). The Godaddy - 15% commission and although they have sucked earlier, they have achieved significant improvement in recent years.

Nevertheless, I would choose SiteGround or WP Engine. See my SiteGround vs. Godaddy reviews to see the differences. In-motion - $50 per purchase, which is small in comparison to other affiliate host programs, and they are not placed very high in the Facebook survey, so there is really no need to go with them.

HostGator- $50 - $125 per purchase (same animal as SiteGround ), but HostGator is TERRIBLE and the ratings show it, so the convert is lower. Create customized voucher certificates, which is good when you create video, and make it easy for folks to enter the voucher instead of clicking on a hyperlink (Youtube forbids affiliate links), which can earn even more commission.

However, I have spoken to a few other HostGator partners who have said that they deserve nothing because they are doing their research and find that they are definitely not the best option. Stylish designs - 50% commission on the sale of nice WordPress topics that can be implemented very well. Contains additional commission when individuals extend their subscriptions. Trustworthy for more than 350,000 WordPress user and with their favourite Divi-topic.

Stylish topics have been around for ages and have a good name in the WordPress comunity. I' ve earned $453 in the last 2 month by advertising their WordPress topics. 70% commission and the quickest topics loaded on the shelves. 48 $ commission for a particular topic or 244 $ for a member.

ThémeForest - terrible affiliate programme. The affiliate programme is terrible and I have only taken it here as a reminder to keep away. If you are not advertising a trusted topic like Avada, keep away, especially as all topics are written by freelance creators who may or may not be trusted. That' s why I use StudioPress for all my WordPress pages (and also for top WordPress users like Yoast and Matt Cutts from Google).

The StudioPress - StudioPress creates WordPress topics in the Genesis Framework and is my most important partner for topics with more than 8.000 Dollar commission. Averaged $28 per sales with less than 5% cancellations and high converts since StudioPress is supported by tonnes of top WordPress folks like Yoast and Matt Cutts.

They' re really SEO-friendly WordPress topics that have top-notch encoding, light weight, so they can be loaded quickly, with tonnes of Genesis plug-ins and a fantastic set of docs. The Zigzagpress - 50% commission (costs $49 for a particular topic, which means $24.50). The Zigzagpress is NOT a good partner. There were also some grievances that when they renamed their brand, they cleared all of their customers' designs they had bought and made their clients buy them again.

Zigzagpress used to be my favourite, but they don't seem to take good care of their partners or clients. You didn't even pay me the $163 for the recommendations I made to them this year - I will delete all my affiliate link + good ratings for them. Recovered 316 designs - 20% commission and 60 days recommendation time on appealing female Genesis topics, many of which are WooCommerce-ready.

A Genesis recommender on the StudioPress website, too. Restored 316 Design has some of the highest converting rate of any Genesis themed shop and is my second most lucrative themed shop. WooCommerce Hello You Design - 30% commission on Genesis design grade topics, many of which are WooCommerce compliant.

Darn Pretty Cute Design - 35% commission plus 5% from sub-affiliates. Female Genesis mobile-reactive topics from a Genesis designer endorsed by StudioPress. Pixelista - 35% commission on a choice of 6 Genesis children's topics from a StudioPress endorsed Genesis designer. Big issues, but I would only encourage them after you've started StudioPress and other more populare Genesis affiliate marketing programs.

Freelancers - if you have guys asking about WordPress developing and performance tuning, you can direct them to my developers in Bangladesh and make about 13% commission on the first 100 workdays. He has created over 20 WordPress pages and optimised several pages to download 400% quicker for customers.

But the only disadvantage is that you can only use one affiliate hyperlink on the affiliate homepage. Instead of directly referencing someone's profiles, you need to tell them to log in through the home page (using your affiliate link) and then look for the freelancer's name. However, if you show your web site your web site as I do (these WordPress Express speeds ), they will.

Rocket WP - 20% fee on the #1 ranked #1 web browser in this Facebook survey (and also this survey), which makes WordPress pages much quicker. Snippets - 33% WP Rich Snippets. Affiliate Thirsty - Affiliate linking manager plug-in that disguises, keeps track of and administers affiliate relationships. They earn 30%, which is relatively small in comparison to other WordPress affiliate marketing programs.

The marketplace for tonnes of WordPress plugins: slider, HTML5 audioplayer, event, membership... You call it, CodeCanyon has it, but the software isn't very profitably. It is one of the best ranked search engine optimization tool on the web and provides you with an unbelievable amount of information about your search engines, your search engine keys, your links, your anchors, your domain names and much more.

This is a very lavish affiliate programme. Remaining 30% commission for AWeber. The ShutterStock - 20% commission for a large variety of photographs. If you ask a customer what kind of stick pictures they want to use on their website, please include an affiliate hyperlink when they buy. iStock & Getty Images - 20% commission for new customer, 10% for return.

They will need you to send them an e-mail to register as an affiliate, but you will also find a large variety here. The Udemy - up to 50% commission on training such as WordPress designing, developing, theme and plug-in developing, Udemy SDO, safety and others. SS 101 - earns you 20% commission from the most prestigious WordPress tutorial resource.

It' much more difficult to get into your affiliate programme than MaxCDN - they want to know that you are able to achieve higher revenues and that CDs are an important part of your business/blog. Revenue 20% for every purchase you make. Amazons - if you are sending Amazon your visitors and someone buys a completely different item in the end, STILL will pay you a fee for that purchase.

When creating Youtubeutorials, you can point folks to the Blue Yeti mic or the stupid t-shirt you always use during your video. Get up to 10% commission from the world's biggest e-commerce merchant. Actually, you'd be an imbecile if you didn't check in. Thirsty Affiliates Plugin - Thirsty Affiliates makes it simple to camouflage/manage affiliate relationships.

It is also a good idea to buy a few add-ons if you are serious about affiliate marketing. References to freelancers - I can't tell you how much and how much free space I've gained by directing my developers (bdkamol) to Since Pronaya does this for my customers, I no longer supervise my own performance improvement project and finish my work.

Do you know of other good WordPress affiliate marketing programs? Or, if you're new to affiliate marketing and have a specific query, I'll be glad to help - just write me a message!

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