List my Property for Rent

Listing my property for rent

There are seven of the best places to find tenants for your property. Type in the What are you listing? field and select Housing for rent / sale. Select photos from your listing to upload and tap Next. Specify the details for your entry.

The Mantra Group has a large selection of resort style apartments available for permanent rent.

This is how it works - Rent My Place

There is a good many Australians who turn to buyMyplace to rent their property. Providing the daily grind you need to successfully list your real estate for just $149 and give you instant exposure to virtually 1,000 prospective renters worldwide. It' s a easy on-line site that changes the way we buy, rent and buy all kinds of property - giving the owners complete ownership and potentially savings of billions of dollars.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful distribution staff - 1300 289 697. Using buyMyplace, ordinary folks get the tool and information they need to buy their property in front of hundreds of prospective purchasers - and the best part is that they can take the money they save.

To find out more about placing an ad, buying a parcel or finding the right property for you, please call our sales department at 1300 289 697.


Administer your property on Cubbi and just 2% of the fee. Paid less if the discrepancy between 7% and 2% is high 5. There is no agency, his charges or telephone call needed courtesy game. Do your job with Cubbi without the hassle of having to make countless voice mail to your caretaker. The rental has a new plan A. Cubbi.

What do I do to rent my property?

Deciding whether or not to let your property can be frightening. No matter whether it is an asset property or a property where you have been living and vacating, you will want to make sure that you are protecting yourself and your property while achieving the best possible yield. It is not enough for a property administrator to take the rent.

Woolcott Research's investor research found that two out of five self-managed lessors surveyed had seen renters face rent defaults. Owners who used property administrators to administer their relations with lessees were also found to be less likely to have difficulties. If you choose to employ a property administrator, the recruitment procedure is similar to an interview. However, if you choose to employ a property administrator, the recruitment procedure is similar to an Interview.

The brochure "Top 10 Questions to Ask a Property Manager" is a good opportunity to record the most important points during the interview. Letting your property entails a large amount of money risks. When you have previously named the property "home", you may also have an emotive bond. Obviously, most renters don't come under this heading, but it's worth protecting yourself and your property if something goes bad.

When this is your first chance to rent a property, you may not know anything about the landlord's insure. It has been developed to address the rental issues of your property that are generally not covered by property and household equipment insurances. It is important to keep in mind that not all rental insurances are the same. The letting of a property is likely to have fiscal effects.

They may have an inkling of how much rent they would like to get on the basis of the cost of the property, but unfortunately rent is set by the regional markets. The best advice you can get from your property administrator is in this regard. The most important way your property management company can help you rent your property is to sell it to potential tenants.

They clean the property and mow the yard before taking the pictures? Do they check candidates against a domestic rental data base and also check credits, jobs, references or previous convictions? Let your property! And now that you know a little more about what it takes to rent your property, why not begin to view property manager fees detail in your area.

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