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CJ vs. LinkShare (now Rakuten). Join networks such as LinkShare can be a great help in building your online marketing business. Comparison between Avangate Affiliate Network and Rakuten LinkShare, including market share analysis. To use Link Lookup, you must be a member of the Rakuten LinkShare Network and work with some advertisers.

When you are not in the network, you can register here.

Network of LinkShare Affiliates

Currently we have more than 20,000 network partners in our programme. You earn commission on the sale of blogs, eBooks and video from the revenue they drive to our pages through affiliated link ads placed on their web pages, blogs posted and online community. Your Pearson Partner Programme registration procedure is as follows if you are already a LinkShare member and would like to register via LinkShare:

Sign in to your LinkShare membership, choose Pearson Education from the vendor programme listing and start applying for membership. As soon as you are authorized, Pearson will be added to your dealer listing for you. Build customized hyperlinks or call our Affiliate Programme Managers for support.

Focus on network Rakuten LinkShare

While the best affilate networking companies are sharing many of the same quality, there are a few that are taking their offers to the next levels with an uncompromising dedication to helping marketers and distributors. LinkShare is such a network. Although LinkShare is part of a tumultuous sector - with scams, accounting problems and suggested taxation rules that threaten your online advertising - it has worked very well in its own right.

In addition to large, globally active companies such as AT&T, Macy's, Starbucks and Walmart as customers, it was recently voted number one partner network for the third time in a row according to an unbiased poll of on-line advertising companies, editors and agents. 500 US affiliates also contributed to a strong 2013 and LinkShare continued its aggressively expanding globally, particularly in its 266 per cent growing Australia network of affiliates.

Why then do marketers and publisher partners join LinkShare through hundreds of thousands of other online merchants? Jessica Joines, Rakuten's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Jessica Joines, explains four main reasons: expertise, technological excellence, integration and networkability. "LinkShare is one of the first affiliated partner markets established in 1996," Joines said.

"Over the years, we have evolved into one of the biggest network serving tens of thousand marketers and editors around the globe. Concerning integration, Joines says LinkShare reviews each prospective member when they are applying to join the network and monitors and audits regular activity to provide the highest level of safety and integration for each member of its fellowship.

Finally, Joines cites network degradation as one of the four main distinguishing features of Rakuten LinkShare. Interested parties are required to test their network periodically and strictly to make sure that all transaction are duly approved, even when performed on portable equipment and tables. This latter is becoming more and more important as publishing houses must be appropriately remunerated for the sale they make, regardless of the equipment on which they are produced.

Tracking device purchases and data flows seems to be a piece of cake, but it's just one of many ways network needs to adjust to changes in user behaviour. Networking must retain a high degree of visibility to attract the right stakeholders and provide their customers with the information they need to make good choices about who to support - especially as the sector continues to grow.

Indeed, as noted this past month, Forrester forecasts that the affilate marketers sector will reach $4.5 billion by 2016. 1 ) Deluxe brand names will increase investments in the Affiliate channel while remaining successful in this area; 2 ) Affiliates will further push forward overall growth as the low-cost Pay-for-Performance scheme allows them to test new low-risk/low-investment opportunities readily; and 3 ) there will still be greater consolidations among the actors in affiliate directing, yet the sector will still keep growing.

In 2005Rakuten expanded for the first of its kind from Japan to the rest of the world with the acquisition of the US LinkShare Corporation. LinkShare recorded a 68% rise in vacation purchases (November 1 - December 31, 2013) on mobiles considered smart phones and tables. During the Valentine's Day buying campaign (24 January to 13 February 2014), 25% advertisers who represent the gifts and groceries industry experienced a 25% rise in turnover with the Rakuten LinkShare programme.

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