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LinkShare is a service provider for affiliate marketing. It claims to be the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet. The Best Affiliate Programs for Publishers: LinkShare & More. The Rakuten (formerly known as LinkShare) is definitely one of the oldest affiliate networks available.

Brief instructions for commissioning: Getting Your Affiliate Marketing Program On Track Quickly - Help Center Publishers

Check these affiliate recruiting needs and make affiliate recruiting suggestions before you begin with your affiliate recruiting activities.... It' s important to realize that affiliate recruiting is a way of doing business that takes a lot of patience, energy, time, creative energy, communications and relationships with your advertising partner and customers. To start a successfull affiliate merchandising canal, you must have at least the following:

By Google Webmasters support affiliate support policies for affiliate programs: "It is Google's belief that affiliate web pages, whether mere or "thin", do not add value for web surfers, especially (but not limited to) if they are part of a programme that spreads its contents through a affiliate group. Given that a single results page could revert to several of these Web pages with the same contents, thin affilates are creating a tricky consumer environment.

" Check out the full affiliate marketer program affiliate program policy from Google Webmasters Support for more hints and best practice. From our beginnings in 1996 as LinkShare, we have evolved into one of the world' s broadest affiliate network and part of the corporate culture of our parent company, Raakuten, with operations in New York City, San Mateo, Seattle, Chicago, Tampa, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo.

Affiliate networks are proud to announce that the affiliate networks have been voted best by our clients in the mThink poll 7 years in a row! Our affiliate networks have been voted best affiliate networks for 7 years in a row! 3. Please click on one of the above link to go directly to the subject that interests you most and read the full page of the guidelines.

ATTENTION: Some of the following articles link you to your website, requiring you to login to your Player Profile to be able to view them. Was Is Affiliate Marketin' ? The Affiliate Marketer is a kind of performance-based marketer that recognizes an Affiliate's (Publisher's) efforts to reward an Affiliate's (Publisher's) sale or other action that the Affiliate's (Publisher's) action brings to the Publisher's (Advertiser's) website.

For those unfamiliar with how affiliate merchandising works, check out this two-minute tutorial for a fast overview: Like in most branches affiliate branding has its own notions. Advertiser, dealer, brand: Editor, affiliate: An advertiser is a individual or organisation that operates a website that works with one or more on-line advertiser(s).

Publishers may include on their website hyperlinks to advertise the Dealer' s goods or service. As a countermove, the publishing house will receive a fee for all current transaction. Click Through Rate or BTR is obtained by multiplying the number of hits by the number of views (an view is a unique instances of a click displayed to a user.) BTR is a good way to measure the efficiency of a marketing effort.

Purchase orders per click (also known as convert rate) is the percent of hits on an affiliate referral that result in a sales or other qualifying product. The EPC is useful for the measurement of sales potentials and the transformation of your hyperlinks. E.g., if a broken hyperlink has 1000 klicks and $5.00 in commission has been earned, EPC will be displayed as $0.50.

Establish your publishing affiliate profile and be up and running! It' important to take a few moments to setup your user interface in the Publisher Dashboard so that we can link you with your advertiser to build a win-win relationship. Publishing houses located in states where we provide payment services can establish payment services for these network before they receive a cheque from the US network.

Publishing houses that can establish instant funds early will still need to redeem a US Net Checks before starting instant funds on the US Net. In order to verify your entitlement to the different method of paying by destination and region, please read the chart of options. You will probably want to work with recruiters in the category of contents you already have and advertise on your website.

To begin advertising on your site to marketers, you must first be included in their programmes. There are several different ways you can use to find adware that would suit you well, then you will submit an application and get an e-mail alert informing you when you have been authorized and how to get affiliate link(s) to use on your site.

This is how you find advertising programs: Advertising applications can be found in your Publisher dashboard and Help Center in different ways, depending on your needs. How to: a. Use the Search Ad Dropdown List to find an ad by name for a particular ad by name. b. Go to the Applications page of the Publisher Dishboard.

You will find advertising programmes there in different ways: To see a listing of marketers with applications of this kind, click Categories, browse to the applications of that kind, and then click Choose a Product Name. Or, at the bottom right of the categorical listing, click Show all recruiters to see an alphabetical listing of all available recruiter programmes.

Enhance your filtered advertiser listing to find specific advertiser features, such as premium advertiser, advertiser with optimised pages on the move, advertiser offering our merchandiser datafeed, advertiser offering RSS or Media Optimisation report, or advertiser sending to specific country. c. Go to the Publisher Help Center and find listings: d. If you would rather see advertiser in specific country, go to the Publisher Help Center and find listings: d. If you would rather see advertiser in specific country, please see the listings:

Once you have selected an affiliate, you will receive a synopsis of their programme. You can view an advertiser's available listings by choosing the Listings and Available Listings tabs. View brief tutorial videos on how to find and join adware. Occasionally, marketers may also make you a personal quote.

This is a specific programme condition provided by the Advertiser. They have the option of either agreeing to these bids or not. Find out more about the different kinds of advertising services offered by marketers. The way to advertise for advertising programs: If you want to submit to multiple ad programmes simultaneously, go back to the list of ad programmes, click the box next to the programmes you want to join, and click Accept at the bottom of the page.

When you apply to the advertiser's programme, you agree to the advertiser's general business policy (which varies from advertiser to advertiser), so please carefully review and comprehend them. In order to fine-tune the recruiters lists, click the Filters pushbutton, choose certain filters you want to apply and click Apply filters.

They will send you an e-mail to let you know when you will be accepted or if there is a good cause why they cannot accept your request at this stage. As soon as you are accepted into an advertiser's programme, you can gain control of their various affiliate link(s) that can be used on your website.

In order to use the advertiser's pre-generated hyperlinks, go to Hyperlinks > Get Hyperlinks in your Publisher Dashboard. Then click on an affiliate in the listing to see its detail. Click References on the advertiser's home page to view the type of References they provide. Hyperlink Types: Those affiliate codes and other information are included in these hyperlinks to make sure that you earn reasonable commission on all purchases made when one of your website users hits the advertiser's website.

Marketers may elect to make one or more of the following kinds of hyperlinks available for your use: As soon as you have found the kind of hyperlink (e.g. text link) you can search by categories (e.g. coupon) to better meet your needs. As a result, a set of hyperlinks is generated from which you can select in this group.

Choose the one you want to use from the dropdown menu and click Get Left at the far right of the page. In case you cannot find the product you are looking for in the advertiser's pre-generated listing, you can use our delete button to add your own URL. Thoroughly, we do not endorse or make any representations about these sites or their content, and we do not endorse or make any representations about them or their content.

It is a link that penetrates more deeply into a website, such as a products page. Those hyperlinks have a tendency to turn into a sale that is much better than a link to an advertiser's homepage because they lead the user to the item that interests them. But not all marketers allow depth linkings. Go to the page entitled How to Link and the page entitled How to Link page on the Link page to see a list of all your affiliates that are activated for Linking.

For more information, see the guide to deeper linkage. There is a depth linkage utility integrated into the publishers board. See Links > Go to Links > Go to Links > Go to Links > Deep Linking. Choose one of your advertising affiliates. Enter the page address of the advertiser's Web site that you want to be linked to. Choose the export type of the links.

With text hyperlinks, you must enter the text to which the page' s URL is to refer, e.g. "Buy here". You can use this value to track member ID transaction activity for loyal ty, fund-raising or philanthropic pages, and to track advertisements and hyperlinks at ad campaignside. Just click Create Follow-On and your followed-UL or HTML will appear in a pop-up window that you can copy and paste into your website.

The LinkGenerator bookmarklet is another great time-saving dead link utility that you can use from your web browsing experience. You can find it under Links > Bento Box > Get Links > Bookmarklet. Go to your publishers dashboard and go to Report > Report for our high-performance, pre-designed report. We' ve established a procedure to make sure that your monthly payouts are handled quickly and accurately, and it can take several month before you receive your first payout.

Under our default conditions of payments, marketers must verify and complete bills by the end of the quarter following the date the bill is made. As an example, any commission generated in October (invoiced in early November) would be approved by the affiliate until 30 November and transferred to the Rakuten Affiliate Network by 30 December.

In the following weeks the publishing houses will receive payment from the Rakuten Affiliate Network. An advertiser's payment histories summary in the publisher's dashboard is a great way to keep an eye on the payment histories of your advertiser's customers. Visit My Account > Payment Information to find this review and all things related to your payment.

From this area you can directly submit a request for quotation to an advertising company. Alternatively, you can call Customer Service for help with your billing queries.

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