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link-tracking software

Track, compare, and optimize all your marketing connections in one place to increase conversion rates. Locate and compare the link tracking software. The incredible new click tracking technology allows you to monitor, compare and optimize all your links in one place. LINK to the website: Privacy and security; How to disable click tracking links.

Trace and optimize your entire merchandising, all in one place.

Has your Click Tracking technology become obsolete? Did you ever start a splitting test and then ask yourself, "Have I already had enough hits to have a true champion? You can still earn lead, advertise related listings, post bonus items, post shared videos, add a count down time... all to get your audience motivated, sign up to your listing and buy what you advertise for.

Simply avoid generically designed affilate selling pages and post your customers to any location while you earn affilate commission. So you have full controll over the selling procedure - e.g. you can refer from your own pre-sell page to the supplier's orderformular. The knowledge of your visitor flow is critical in deciding which visitor flow is working for you and which is just waste your time.

Sendin' a link that doesn't work can be expensive - and the websites you advertise are likely to go down more often than you think. "Bot " are software programmes and other automatic procedures that download your tracking link for one purpose or another. You can be relatively innocent such as a web browser spider, or vicious such as a scripted tool used by traffic scammers to generate fake clicks....... but anyway they can REALLY confuse your statistics.

Auto-submit your wireless mouse to a link other than your desk tops. Each of these functions will help you optimise all your online sales and practically ensure higher converting rates and more profit. Do you buy Google Adwords or Facebook from? Utilize a chunky tracking scripts on your own shared housing accounts and, well, you throw away your cash.

At the heart of your company is the rotary and link managers you use. Real "Set and forget" animal 1 trafficsettings. Portable filtration allows you to restrict your customers to your own cell phone or you can forward them all to another location. Quicker redirections mean fewer missed klicks. Bot-screening means you are sending far fewer counterfeit hits to your customers, and that's simply better for your company.

You see, bot and other kinds of counterfeit hits are one of the greatest issues with single ad these days and, on the basis of our information, even the best single ad sellers unwittingly sent you an averaging 5-10% bot-hits. Then there are all the boys who - although they don't gut you entirely - use 10-35% counterfeit klicks to increase their winnings.

They can even trace klicks from your follow-up e-mails and assign any resulting promotions or sells to the correct selling hopper - giving you the most precise statistics. You will never have to deal with host issues, data base damage, servers crashed, or upgrades down as you would with a self-hosted tracking scripts.

You use a bulky tracking scripts for your own shared housing accounts and, well, you just throw away cash. Q.R. #3 - If you buy a scripts for a one-time charge, there's usually not much appeal to the vendor to further enhance and sponsor the item - and you'll be fortunate to see a new feat every few month if that's the case.

Analytics Google shows you well how humans use your site - they have many stories about things like the most liked contents, website times, population, etc.. When you are interested in the above kind of information, please be sure to use Google Analytics.

Here are just a few examples of why... - Apart from your AdWords ads, Google Analytics makes it hard, if not impossible, to keep tabs on your revenues, cost, profits, and ROI from all the other promotions. - The majority of users find Google Analytics quite user-unfriendly and very tedious to use - they often have to go through many, many layers of menu and set up complex filtering to get to the information they want to see.

  • When you use Google Analytics, most of your statistics are retarded by up to 24hrs. What's even more serious is that Google "scans" your information with many mouse clicks when you run a report, which means it's only looking at a part of your information and doesn't really provide precise reporting.

Items such as the possibility to simply trace whole selling hoppers, automized A/B splitting checking, the possibility to trace affiliate promotion, smart link rotators, the possibility to retarget pixel to EVERY link, geo-targeting and portable filters, 24/7 click scams and link watching, the possibility to attach pop-ups, contentbars and timer countdowns to any website, link closing, traffic QA, user-defined tracking domain names, auto "bot" filtration and so much more, the possibility to follow whole selling hoppers simply, the possibility to follow affilate promotion, the possibility to retarget pixel to EVERY link, geo-targeting and portable filters, 24/7 click scams and link watching, the possibility to attach pop-ups, contentbars and timer countdowns to any website, link closing, link QA, user-defined tracking domain, auto "bot" filtration and so much more.

  • We don't offer superior client service when you encounter issues or need help. Whilst many and many websites use Google Analytics, no reputable website or web shop uses Google Analytics only because there are serious issues and restrictions.

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