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Advertising Line App

An advertisement for the line application. In order to advertise your service, your product or your company? The product line of a company and the image and reputation of that line. Marketing on the Internet can also use tools such as Google or IOS apps. Contextual marketing messages are served in accordance with content that users actively interact with.

Short guide to the LINE ads platform

LINE's feeding advertising solutions are mature and are becoming a sustainable option to the more popular types of online relationships. The LINE is a new way to get in touch with interested parties and clients. Indeed, LINE has a wider coverage than any other online community in Japan, such as Facebook (26 million MAUs), Instagram (12 million MAUs) and Twitter (40 million MAUs).

Advertising spending via LINE is expected to grow by 33 per cent per annum over the next three years. That'?s a bunch of new recruiters. So stay one step ahead of your competitors and begin to bind your clients online now - before they get to the point. In order to begin advertising on LINE, you need a few things:

An LINE affiliate where you can post and receive news, similar to a Facebook page or Twitter profile. Your LINE advertisements will be linked to this area. An LINE Advertiser User Interface where you set up and administer your campaign. In order to set up an advertising campaign you have to go directly to LINE or through a partnership broker.

When you are an agent, you need an agent bankroll where you can apply for multi-line advertising accounts and administer them. The LINE has a campain guy left-click. If you set up a promotion, you need to make some fundamental campaign-wide adjustments. This includes whether you want to use the LINE automatic function or offer it from CPM or CPC yourself, whether you want to optimise for CPC or CPPA, whether you want to use creative images or videos, whether you want to set the starting and ending date as well as the month and day budgets for your campaigns.

With LINE, you can address your user with a few important choices, similar to Facebook and Twitter. First, the portable OS and a person's copy (all LINE displays are portable). Second, the interests of a single individual as defined by the use of LINE applications. Beauty, Business, Car, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Games, Health, Home, Music, Shop, Sports, Television and Travel belong to these category.

Sections are listings of your own customized information generated from your own CRM listings, app activities, or website traffic (for website traffic information, you must add the LINE pixels to your website). Available demographic information includes gender, age and location (currently you can only address Japan and segmented by prefecture).

The LINE advertisements have some core elements: This is a Web site that determines whether the ad is a normal Web site visit ad or an app installation ad. LINE bids are placed at the advertising creatives stage, as distinct from the ad set or advertising group stage on Facebook or Twitter. Their LINE advertisements will be displayed in all rankings within the LINE ad platform, including the LINE timeline, news feed and manga feed.

Previously, LINE also had an outside advertising service known as HIKE (similar to Facebook's Audience Network), which went into retirement in November 2017. The installation of the LINE-Pixels is essential to get the most out of the advertising platform. Allows you to create your own targeted segment and capture local conversations - a must to both deliver results and optimise your campaigns throughout their lifetime.

Once you have started a promotion, your advertisements undergo a manually performed reviews procedure. That means that they are tested by LINE staff for compliance with the requisite quality requirements. It can take up to three working days, so make sure you start your campaigns before the planned date, otherwise you will miss the first few working day of your campaigns.

Don'tgnore LINE, its range alone prohibits you from it. and you should be, too. Advertising platform is a bit rough at the present time, but it will be growing in terms of features and advertiser over the next few years, giving promoters an additional way to attract prospective and existing clients.

Begin by integrating LINE into your cross-channel strategies and complement your classifieds, displays and wanted ads to achieve a more complete travel experience and a more satisfying experience.

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