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Many thanks for your appreciated inquiry about our Mail Order Business projects (part-time, homework). Model letter with the question of vacancies. Would you like to know how you can tailor your cover letter for each position you apply for? In case the job posting does not contain a name, contact the company's human resources manager. Sie sind hier Home>> Post >> Domestic >> Letter.

Make your living from home

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your appreciated inquiry about our Order-Business Projects (part-time, homework). This is only letter posting/paper work at your home. MOB is an artwork of the sale of products, services or information by post. Of course, there are many good reason why distance shopping is a very appealing option, but above all because it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

No personal contacts, so it's an excellent deal for anyone, a homemaker, a college graduate, an employee, an unemployment benefit, a pensioner or anyone looking for an extra source of earnings in their free and full time. Mail order is one of the least costly, most lucrative, simplest to launch, quickest to generate cash home base businesses in the world.

Take a few moments to review the detail page thoroughly. Please note: Please stop reading if -- you are not interested in earning a substantial salary in your own part-time! Who we are:- Name: It has been operating successfully for 8 years. It has many offices throughout Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and will soon open offices in other parts of India such as Delhi, Punjab, Calcutta, Gujarat, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Our business is dealing with various kinds of HOME-BASED job offers such as data input (ad booking/tipping/form input), web revenue, MOB, Mail net and many other work. And as the business grows every passing business year, the burden of work increases. In addition, the branch offices that will be opened soon are staffed by employees from all over India.

RECORDING:- To begin working, you must register with the school. You will then be registred as a member of staff of MOB and given an ID. Concerning the work:- After you have become the registrated staff member of the enterprise, you will receive all the necessary materials and sets you need to launch this Mail Order Busi ness (MOB).

You will receive in this kits some important documents, formulars, a manual with all information about the work and a letter with detailed information about the different work plans and product of the comany. The letter is referred to as THE LETTER OF PROMOTION. You can also send your own advertising letter for the business if you wish.

It also provides all the necessary information to be able to create these mailings (you don't have to create mailings every single day, you can use a copy of a copy of a successful letter). Who you will be sending mail to:- The materials and books you receive from our headquarters will give you all the information about how to gather contact details of persons to whom you will be sending mail.

So, don't be worried about the address, just thoroughly review the materials and book you will be receiving and get started as soon as possible. They are obliged to write to persons. For every response you get to the letter you sent, you will get 250 francs. You can get an approximate 5 to 10 responses from 100 to 200 contributions.

Assume you are sending 50 messages in one business trip and receive at least 1 response. Please note: The enterprise will pay you 250 GS, i.e. 100 GS for your hard work and 150 GS for your expenses. And the more mail you write, the more answers you get and the more you make.

Once you register, you will receive full help, guidance and help from the firm. Stage 2: You must text the following information to the Job Coordinator on 0917959565494. You will receive your Job Pack at the specified location within 7 - 10 working day by courier or India Post within 7 - 10 working week.


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