Legal Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Our individual support makes your affiliate plan seamless and hassle free. Through our partner program, we offer products that are in demand, unique and profitable. Their guide and directory for legal affiliate programs. Given the millions of people who turn to the Internet every year for legal advice, a link to the legal affiliate program on your website could be a great business idea.

1. Selected affiliate program

Please click here to find out how you can put your affiliate program on the number one position on this well-attended page. Commission for affiliates: 25-50% commission. Description of the partner: The Standard Legal do-it-yourself solution uses a question-and-answer system to immediately generate the required legal documentation.

Associate commission: 30% on every sales. Partner description: Over 2 million individuals have used Law Depot to produce over 4 million legal records and cut legal costs by over a billion US dollar.

affiliate commission: Get 30% on every sales you make.

Description of the partner: Our website has been used by million of us to help our clients establish accessible, high value legal entities and treaties.

affiliate commission: Description of the partner: was ranked by the top ten reviewers in all product category areas, covering form, functionality, support and usability, as the best legal form organization for 2006-2017.

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