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The Leaderboard is one of our most powerful standard web banner formats. Ranked advertising is a popular form of banner advertising. Make it short and easy with a ranking web banner that you can customize with your brand name and logo. Adapt our free advertising banner template for the ranking list. Add a leaderboard/banner ad in Blogger.

Which is a ranking display?

Which is a ranking display? 728×90 Banner Advertising is an IAB industry standard advertising device also known as a Leaderboard Banner, Super Banner or simply Leaderboard. 728 pixel width and 90 pixel height. 728×90 ads are usually placed at the top of a page so that they are visible to the end users as soon as the page is loaded.

Leaders board advertisements are perhaps the most valuable/cost-intensive, as they generally work very well. Leaders board advertisements replace the old smaller 468×60 banner because the results are generally much better and it looks better too. Ranked advertising is especially good for extensible advertising because its customary top average placement on a website means it can practically (and eye-friendly) grow.

It is also often used when other parts of the promotional codes (such as tracks or overlays/floaters) need to be placed on a page because they are usually loaded first. Often the unity still divides an ad space with the 468×60, which is no longer functioning and which is usually operated via a multi-size ad space. Super Banner or Leaderboard measures 728 x 90 pixel, and it looks like this: or look at a sample live: 728 x 90s order among the highest CPUMs, and are so standardized and widely used on the web that they should definitely be used on every page.

However, since they are so effective when it is enticing to place one of these ad blocks at the top and bottom of each page, only the top of the folding ad will be very effective or make a lot of monetization. When you do this, make sure that you can distinguish between the two ad spaces when you sell ad spaces to make sure that you can better monetise the upper ad spaces.

The advertising units are often used in the context of sponsoring and homepage acquisitions, so it is important that they appear in exactly the same place on every page. The advertising units are often used to extend advertisements, so they should never be placed with an i-frame and should have a z-index of 999,999,999,998 (with only superimpositions/floaters above).

A lot of websites use this as part of a multi-format ad with a 468×60, but we don't do that. The 468×60 doesn't fill the room of the 728×90 well and has a much lower CPU, so it doesn't make much sense. Even though 728x90s are so widespread, there is little demand.

However, websites often have a second 728×90 at the end of a page for increasing revenues, so always verify if you are able to buy the above the folding edition, without the bottom of the page ranking banners. The 728x90s are often used as extensible advertisements. A lot of marketers are embedding TV commercials in 728x90s, but this ad space is not big enough to display a TV correctly.

When you want to append a movie to a 728×90, make an expanded ad and place the movie in it for best results.

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