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Examples of ranked list displays

Advertisement Examples Advertisements Advertisements, Online Marketing, Banner, Internet Marketing, Banner. Leaderboard e-newsletter is optimized for mobile use. The following are exemplary layouts for the ads above the fold ads:. Showcase your brand with ads designed for visibility. Examples of mobile interstitial ads:

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To revisit the page and turn the advertisements, click here. A Leaderboard ad can appear at the top and/or bottom of your website. In addition, Leaderboard advertisements may appear within the boundaries of your site (boundary, etc.) or outside the site. The Leaderboard ad enjoys all the functions of our ad system, plus weight, frequency, planning, rotating, click-through track, view-counting, padding, rotating and maximum impressions.

This example (see the advertisements at the top and bottom of the page) has six Leaderboard advertisements planned, but the page is set to display only two advertisements at a time-to make the advertisements spin. It'?s a constant frequency: A display is switched absolute frequency-dependent with constant frequencies - no more and no less.

Frequency does not define where a display appears (see below for weighting), but only how often a display appears. Weighing: Weighted: Weighting Amtrack " has been assigned a weight of "1". They are always placed on the planned advertisements. Weighing: Weighted: Weighting Victoria Secrets" has a weight value of "2".

This is always placed on the planned ad unless another ad has a lower weight. Victoria Secrets" is always displayed at the top of the screen unless it is displayed with the "Amtrack" indicator. Rotary: Indicators that are not associated with a fixed frequency turn and ensure that each display is seen the same number of time.

Better ways to monetize Leaderboard ads

There are a few things that will affect the effectiveness of this approach and the RPMs implemented for websites that monetise their visitors primarily through screen advertising: In particular, we will be discussing the best possible policies for the 728×90 ranked ad units, which are a key part of most site concepts. What are the rankings?

Together with 300×250 middle squares, rankings are a frequent feature of almost any website that earns money through screen ads. Leaders boards are one of the most frequently produced ad serving devices by marketers, which means they are a good choice for any publishers who use an ad serving to fill unsellable stocks.

Since rankings are a horizontally advertising entity, it is a commonly used policy to position them as the very first item on a website. Logically, this maximizes exposure; every page user is assured to see the ad area. By no means is this strategic approach ideal, however, and it leads to a drop in sales.

Ranked listings placed below the navigation bars of a website create higher levels of exposure, more hits and higher revenues. About: com is a website that we usually uphold as an example of optimum monetisation in practical terms, but here it is an example of a poorly used ranking:

This ranking is at the top of the page. The suboptimal ranking of the ranking is both widespread and (often) very simple to adjust. Here, for example, is a website that could profit from having its ranking placed under the navigation bar: That page would probably see an increase in revenues from the 300×250 advertising units if it were also shifted down to be more consistent with the flesh of the item.

The Leaderboard First deployment also takes place at large locations. At the bottom is a MTV.com screenshots with the 728×90 advertising block at the top of the page: While Viacom may not think much about ranked advertising on its websites, it would boost sales by adding a default navigation panel and placing the advertising below it.

A lot of websites have departed from a page that contains the ranking at the top of the page instead of putting it under a navigation panel. The following is an example of this policy that has been deployed on ESPN.com: The first is to "lower" the ad units of the ranking to their home at the bottom of the navigation panel from a previously placed position at the top of the page:

The repositioning of the ranking display may seem like a small modification, but in many cases there will be a significant increase in power. Take a look at the Wednesday edition of the magazine's top story, which will feature three extra ways to increase ranked earnings.

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