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You can pay your partners automatically or with "One-Click"-approval via Paypal, Dwolla or even Coinbase. The LeadDyno adds up the affiliate commissions for you on the fly. affiliate marketing program for your shop. With LeadDyno you can manage your affiliates and their payouts easily and efficiently. We have not provided any pricing information for this product or service.

E-Commerce plugins for online shops

Your products and programs can be presented in our affiliate and influencer networks (and we can help you win your own affiliates). Real-time chats, telephone and e-mail are available 7 and 365 business hours a year. We offer affiliate merchandising consulting and 1:1 telephone technical assistance. Start your affiliate programme with one click!

We' ll immediately set up your own affiliate website so you can get your own on board - and begin using our networking to attract our e-commerce affilates and flues at no additional charge. Every one of your partners gets their own affiliate dashboard. Share affiliate links for Facebook, Instagram & more, Click and Commision Track in live view, and a portable application so your affiliate can advertise your shop directly from their cell phone!

Brett Owens, our Market Manager (and Series Contractor ), will help you start your affiliate programme, get the most out of your effort and "automate" your affiliate recruitment so you can largely "stop and forget" it. "Click on the demonstration links to join Brett for a real time "Affiliate 101 Marketing" demonstration today or later.

A unique affiliate dashboard for each affiliate, a mobile application for each affiliate, one click social media sharing for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., easy-to-use affiliate manager administration application for you, tools for affiliate recruitment and affiliate self service and free of charge affiliate network acces. May we offer your affiliate program? Once you have installed LeadDyno, you can join our e-commerce affiliate network for free.

Please let us know when you have registered so that we can present you in our portable application and in the newsletter we distribute to our partners and flu sufferers. Affiliate Invite is our favorite affiliate invite function that allows your new clients to join your affiliate programme while they buy from you.

It' a great way to expand your programme even further in an organic way - and win new partners while you are asleep. Partners' Dashboards now contain instagram links. It' an easier way for you to work with Instagram Influencer. Give us a call, mail us or find us in our 7 day a week online chats, even on public holiday.

Thanks a lot to Jennifer Goodman who helped me with a little problem, the sex is very positive and she became.... I' m willing to share with my partners and earn commission.

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