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Last Minute com Affiliate Program offers its customers the opportunity to book flights, tickets, hotels and more through a one-stop shop. Make making website; Integrated with the best travel partner program:

Publication: Some of the links on this site are "affiliate links", a link with a special tracking code. The best travel partner programs and networks. We plan to introduce a partner program in the near future.

What does it do?

Every single one of our days is spent developing new concepts, freshly cooked on the site - so you can enjoy your hotel, flight, city break/holiday, theater and many other activities to be more meaningful to your guests (and make a good piece of moonah while you're at it). Every lucky purchaser you mail to us, we give you a surcharge.

Even today you can begin making money by visiting our online site today - a compilation of all the customizable banner and widget ads we provide to convert your site to your own site visitors. A 15-day cockie with 3 events of activity (except 7-day flights). This means that for the next three visits your visitors make to us, you will receive within 15 working days of the initial click-through provision.

We have partnered with Awin to provide you with reliable third-party trading trackers, real-time reports and recurring payments. Or if you are already an Affiliate Window publisher, sign up with your e-mail to with your login and your login information and sign up for our affiliate program. Affiliate Program - The trademark that makes the unreachable accessible - for everyone! It is our vision to create a proud and inspiring community - clients who are proud of the experience they experience with us and our proud business associates who work with us. Our clients have the best opportunities to make the most of their free time: great offers for hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours, air travel, holidays, theatres & spas for everyone. provides its clients with great value for money ways to spend their holidays, enjoy life and gifts: Planes, ticketing, hotels and more through a one-stop-store! You' re still asking yourself why you should advertise pays its partners retroactively on the basis of the date of validating as distinct from the date of transactions (when a purchase has taken place).

Affiliate teams complete deals for one and a half months at the beginning of the following one. All complaints made after this date will be rejected immediately, but group retains the right to refund these complaints up to one year later. The com Travel Gold card allows you to give away your flight, your flight + accommodation package or simply your stay in a city.

Purchase your eGift Token by choosing the amount and type of item that best suits your needs, then enable the Token for your own use, either by printing it out or by mailing it as a present along with a Token. You can find them under Links and Tools, Links, Links, Link Builders.

Starting January 18, 2017, advertisers must add the url factor to their affiliate link creation for, i. e. add activb to their link. How to do this is described in the "Documents" section of the "Create Affiliate Link for" section of the Affiliate Link page. ensures that all Top Secret advertising materials are trademarked by the Top Secret name.

It is important to associate the Top Secret trade mark with the trade mark in order to register it, every times it is used in texts, whether created or shown, on all the partners' sites and notices. Top " as well as "Secret" must be written in capital letters with "T" and "S", and the following items must also be written in capital letters, i.e. hotels, theatre squares or restaurants.

Below you will find the right size for the Top Secret brand: Experience shows that we do not charge any commission on restaurants. Adventure and entertaining ticket delivery to UK only.

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