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Bidding keyword tool

Provides users with optimized product listing campaigns and programmed keyword bidding. At PPC, choosing the right keywords can make you make or break. When there is a step that cannot be overlooked when setting up your campaign, it is the selection of keywords you want to bid on. They can also get the script to increase keywords to their estimated offers for the first page if they have no impressions if you like. Caution: Bids at keyword level overwrite bids at group level.

How to customize your keyword offerings

Selecting each keyword allows you to decide how much you are willing to spend when a client looks for that keyword and hits your ad. These are the maximal costs per click or the maximal CPC bid amount of your keyword. See Changing your keyword bid for manual changing of your biddings.

The Maximize Klicks is perfect for marketers who don't want to waste a great deal of your bidding hours, but want to get the biggest possible amount of hits on their ad within their budgets. There is no need to specify custom offers for your own keyswords, ad groups or rankings. To better monitor your bidding, you can define a CPC bid threshold if you do not want to go over a certain click per click rate.

Find out more about how to maximize your clicking when you bid. Allows you to administer your maximum CPC offers yourself. Allow you to define offers at ad group or keyword levels. The standard bid amount of your ad group will be used for all your ad group adwords. It is possible to modify your bid amount for one or all of your catchwords at any given moment.

With Maximize Klicks, you can simply change to a CPC bid that is placed by hand, giving you complete freedom to determine the bid amount yourself. There are some utilities to help you pinpoint some of the keys you may want to customize later. There are other more sophisticated utilities that will bid for you depending on the amount you choose.

Referrals in your affiliate can help you determine which of your catchwords seem to be good prospects for bid changes. Proposals are for higher bid (to collect more clicks) and reduced bid (to reduce your costs). "If I had bid more than $0.10, how many times would I have gotten impressions?" So you can set your bid at the right levels for your money.

It doesn't forecast the futures, but it estimates the click, costs and impact that your advertisements would have obtained in a normal weekly period if you had placed higher or lower keyword offers. Extended CPC maximises your converted tenders for manually generated tenders at the same costs per convert. The bid wagering policy searches for advertising auction that are more likely to result in your selling, and then increases your maximum CPC bid (after you have applied all of the bid customizations you set) to more strongly promote these hits.

This is an enhanced function that shows you which of your most common customer metrics cause you to take the action you want them to take (these metrics, such as a sale or subscription to a newsletters, are referred to as conversions). Track your conversations can help you determine whether to raise your maximum CPC for those good performance keys and reduce it for those poor performance keys.

Find out more about automatic bids. The first page's quote estimations show the quote you probably need to display your ad on the first page of your results. The Top of Page bid ratings go one extra mile and estimate the bid you probably need to get your ad among the top ad locations on the first page of your results.

Quotation estimations for the first line item go even further and estimate the quote you will likely need to get your ad to the top. The ad location also varies depending on the quality result of the keyword and the advertiser's actual contest for that keyword, so there is no assurance that your ad will always be in your favorite location.

Find out how to place your advertisements on the first page.

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