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Find out how to use keyword advertising to make your ads appear on Google when people search for what you sell. Advertise to the most receptive people. Questions under trademark law">edit] A keyword ad is a type of on-line ad where an advertisers paid for an ad to appear in the result list when a particular individual uses a particular keyword for searching the web, usually by using a keyword searching machine...

. Most commonly used blank or keyword advertisements that focus on payments means paying per click (PPC), while other types are CPA or CPM.

OpenText's first recorded keyword marketing effort was in 1996, just a few years after the first effort at online marketing. started a keyword commercial in 1998 that was economically prosperous, with a license to the 1998 published notion. 1 ][2][3] Yahoo! is supposed to have tried something similar this year.

Chip Royce, InterZine Productions Director of Web Markets at Boca Raton, Florida, turned to the Yahoo! Flycast Communications representative in 1996 to suggest keyword results ads to enable more efficient and focused promotion in Yahoo! results. Yahoo! had to place specific banner ads when the keyword "golf" was scanned by Yahoo! people.

Yahoo! later turned this occasion into a formally designed campaign for the whole client list and featured it in an July 1996 issue of the now non-existent publication entitled International Week. AdWords is the most popular keyword ad serving site. Googles will display ads that are specifically focused on the word(s) entered in a keyword field on the results page, and these keywords will cause focused ads that will also appear on pages of contents derived from the Google system's interpretations of the theme on each page of the site.

It is referred to as contextspecific advertisement. Yahoo! keyword marketing, Bing Ads and Looksmart, along with many others, are other keyword advertisers. Less widespread form of keyword marketing combines single words within the text of a page via hyperlinks with small pop-ups that are shown by mouse-over. This kind of promotion is provided by Kontera, Vibrant Media and LinkWorth.

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