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The Barron's Test Prep affiliate program is an excellent way to monetize your existing customer base and online traffic. Participate in the Kaplan Test Prep (Kaptest.com) affiliate program and start monetizing your website. The Kaplan IT Training Partner Program. California Writing.

The Master Closers, Inc. affiliate program is free, easy to register, and requires no technical knowledge.

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As a Kaplan Affiliate, when you work with us, we make sure we have a rewarding relationship by taking every chance to combine our skills and experience. Our partnership with affiliated companies has an excellent global standing, enabling us to enhance our service and cross-promote product offerings together. If your client is looking for a trusted LSP and you need a valued business associate, our expert technical assistance and service is available.

When you need English for a particular profession or sector, we can provide tailor-made English language training or our English for Specific Purposes programme. Affiliate Partners use Kaplan branded advertising material to advertise your Kaplan branded service and enhance your exposure. Benefit from our affiliate partner exclusivity and our discount conditions.

IDDS student first studies in France for a Diplom and then abroad for at least 6 month to obtain a second certificate. The IDDS was looking for a LSP with great expertise and track record in English for higher learning. By partnering with Kaplan, IDDS is able to provide English proficiency to those who do not yet have the necessary English skills for their dual degrees.

IDDS also recommends IDDS to those who come to us and want more from their study than just that. When you need supportive information for promotional use, we can provide you with customized contents and newsletters.

Barron's Test Preparation - Affiliate Program

Barron's Test Partnership Program is an outstanding way to monetise your current client list and on-line commerce. As a free services company such as an admissions consultant, exam preparation instructor or educational blogs, you can visit our on-line training sessions and link to our pages and product postings.

Receive responses to common affiliate application related queries. Just talk to your pupils about our product. If your pupils sign up for our classes, you will get part of the campaign! Make 15% of your fee when your pupils become subscribers to our on-line classes. Being a Barron's affiliate is a great way to monetise your website and your visitors.

If your website visitor clicks on our website and makes a buy, you will receive 15% of the amount you pay as commission. Utilize your own authoritative role in your community to publish our advertising materials on our community and deal sites. You' ll receive great bonuses if your matchless links are used for a pay per visit service.

Barron's is a leading provider of online preparation for GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT. We tailor our classes to the individual needs of each pupil. But we also provide more preparation contents than anyone else! Don't ever let your preparation go, because the classes are available on the Internet, iPad or iPhone.

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