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Wellcome to our new and improved Channel Partner Program! If our partners speak, we listen. What makes you want to join our reseller program? Participate in our global partner program. See all APN programs where APN partners can apply through the AWS Partner Network.

Enrolment in the program

Notice: On this page you can verify if the strip is available in your state. Please review and agree to the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. Complete all the information needed by your organization to set up your strip file name. In order to find out more about selecting the right kind of strip accounts for your needs and making payment, please see this review.

Complete the creation of your Stripe user name. As soon as you sign up for the affiliate program, you can post your own tales and make cash with them. In order to find out how to make your history suitable for making a living, please see this review. What makes my tales work? Currently, the authors of the affiliate program are remunerated each and every month, depending on how members deal with storytelling.

The $5 /month each member's subscriptions are shared proportionately to the story each member has told with that particular months. So, if someone were busy with 10 histories in a particular months, their subscriptions would only be sent to those people. Each Wednesday, your Partner Dashboard is refreshed with what you earn up to the preceding Sunday.

Your income will be transferred to your giro transfer on the last Wednesday of each year. Do you have policies for posting to the affiliate program? You can check them. Is it possible to make my story a living if it appears in a book? Make your customary income through the affiliate program and get all your revenue.

And you can still tell and tell a story without deciding to make it. To the extent legally mandated, you are liable for the registration and payment of all taxes payable in connection with the Affiliate Program Revenue. Unfortunately, we do not currently sponsor PayPal for affiliate program payment.

About the YouTube Affiliate Program Guide - YouTube Help

With the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), authors can monetise their contents on YouTube. Creative people can make big bucks with advertising placed on their video and with YouTube Premium viewers viewing their music. Creator Studio allows you to sign up for the YouTube affiliate program through your Creator Studio area. In order to be eligible for the YouTube Affiliate Program, you must do so:

Our site has functions that allow your audience to buy your products digitally and physically on YouTube. Each of these functions has different authorization requests and is not available to everyone who is part of the YouTube affiliate program. If you fulfill all of these prerequisites, you are entitled to enter the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP):

These thresholds allow us to significantly enhance our capacity to clearly pinpoint authors who make a positive contribution to the fellowship and help them generate more advertising revenues (and move away from poor players). They also help us avoid the monetization of potentially inadequate contents, which can damage revenues for all. View your monitoring times and your subscription in YouTube Analytics.

And if you haven't reached the brink yet, keep working to create unique contents and educate your audiences with top author-tools. What can I do to verify my times? Use the YouTube Analytics Monitor to see your operating times. By default, the monitoring period is displayed in minute, so you should modify your display to show the monitoring period in hour.

Click the Compare Metrics drop-down list on the chart, and then click Monitoring Duration (Hours). Go directly to the Watchtime reporting or following the next instructions. Log on to YouTube. At the top right, click your Creator Studio Creator Studio Creator Name. Click Analysis < Monitoring Duration in the dropdown list on the right.

From the top of the page, see Information about Impressions > Click Ratio > Views > Average Display Length > Monitoring Length. In order to dowload the file, click the button in the upper right corner on exporting the file from your Creator Studio or YouTube Studio udc. file accounts. As soon as your sewer has reached the program level, you will be asked to join.

You' ll earn instant cash on YouTube if you have already selected the video(s) you want to monetise. Failure to approve your canal for participation in the program is likely due to our inability to verify that your canal's activities comply with YouTube affiliate program guidelines and community guidelines. To expand your canal, use the ressources below.

But YouTube will not delete your YPP from YPP if it falls below the YPP limit. However, YouTube reserves the right, in its sole judgment, to withdraw the monetisation of content if a content source is idle and not upload or post content for 6 month or longer. regardless of the times and number of subscribers.

When you' re not at the gate, keep working to create unique contents and create your own audiences. Below are some ressources that can help you expand your channel: Obtain advice from top designers at the Creator Academy. Use the YouTube Help Forum to find out how other YouTube viewers can help you. Visit the Creator Site to study, thrive and be associated with programmes, ressources and happenings.

Visit our YouTube Help Guide and the YouTube Creators Guide to view the YouTube Help Guides, bug fixes, and hints available to you as a developer from the YouTube Help Support Group. Monetisation state is not used to provide information on how to view video on YouTube. When it is discovered that your canal is no longer suitable for monetisation, your canal loses your ability to use all the monetisation utilities and functions associated with the YouTube Affiliate Program.

When we have eliminated your capability to monetarize due to a breach of your privacy rule, you should first go to the Monetarization page to learn more about the privacy rule your channels have breached. Check your video against our YouTube Affiliate Program Guidelines and Community Guidelines. Next is editing or deleting any video that violates our guidelines.

Continue to upload your own footage and build your audiences on YouTube, even if you're not in the YouTube affiliate program. After 30 workingdays you may apply for the program again.

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