Job Affiliate Program

Affiliate Job Program

Linking jobseekers and employers is one of the most profitable and sustainable business models ever. So you are looking for a good affiliate program for your job exchange, eh? Receive the right affiliate program job with company reviews and salaries. If you become our partner, it's easy. UX Jobs Affiliate Program allows you to earn money every time you refer someone to our website and they publish a job.

Earn commission fGrom operates a job listings board

Entrepreneurs can generate income (much simpler than you think) by publishing job ads on your website. As a website publishing company, the following job boards provide some ways for you to get your job even if only one job submission is received. For the website operator all these possibilities are free of charge.

As simple as possible to deploy and maintain, FileThread provides a free (revenue-sharing) job exchange for your website. They do not even need their own web servers to operate the job exchange. This is because the job thread hosts the jobware. WorkThread also handles the day-to-day and comprehensive upkeep of the foundation and basic magics.

The only thing you have to worry about is getting an audiences together. Here is what you do: you determine the price of your website so that a job is published directly on your website. And the best part is that there are no up-front costs for you, the website editor. The JobCoin is the world's first job exchange.

Through JobCoin, an employer pays a lump sum of $99 to add a job to the website's JobCoin family. If a job ad comes from your website via the JobCoin widget, you, the website editor, will earn approximately $20. If a jobseeker is applying for a job, the best part of this job exchange, namely you, will also get cash.

Prior to starting JobCoin, you need to be clear about who you want to contact and you need to be as concrete as possible. This is because the kind of job published on your website is dependent on the target group' s outline. Job Coin, however, supports you by informing you about the behaviour of the website visitor and optimizing the job offers to your public.

SimplyHired aggregate job aggregations from many different job exchanges across the web. SimplyHired's free job exchange is named Job-O-Matic. There is also the possibility of displaying job offers in the SimplyHired intranet. By choosing this technology, you will be paying for networking work on a pay-per-click base.

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