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Looking for inspiration for your job advertisements? Take a look! It'?s important what you write in your job ad. Now, look at these job postings and do the exercises to improve your reading skills.

When you are looking for an animal keeper, simply send us your job advertisement and job offers here. The way we use them in job advertisements can determine whether people apply or not.

There are 10 super horny job ads.

It is your goal with job advertisements to draw serious prospective canditates. In general, we suggest that you keep your job advertisements easy, because becoming too smart can deter as many good job seekers as it draws. However, to help you get inspired to think outside the box when you create your job advertisements - or just for pleasure - here are 10 uncommon and unforgettable job advertisements that we think are quite fantastic.

While Google has now recognized that brains are not really suitable for recruiting, you can't help but notice that this ad does a good job of screening out the less committed candidates! Answering this intricate mathematics issue was the beginning of a string that ended with a possible job as a Google engineering professional.

Perhaps the most imaginative job screenings I have ever encountered, making sure your candidate has sound inquisitiveness, problem-solving ability and willingness! This brilliant advertising campain was designed by a job placement company named Jobs in Town. It may not be cheerful, but you can't ignore that it's an eye-catcher! Checks your attentiveness to details, orthography, language, grammar as well as your creativeness before your CV.

Designed by Tonic Communications, this ad has only a three-page job posting, "hungry designer wanted" and yet its content is crisp and clear. Printed publicity may not be the most efficient way to get your candidate to come, but this ad is certainly inventive and definitely deserves a good laugh when discovered in a paper.

Okay, so this is a rather uncommon occasion that not everyone who is reading their own coffee will be, but the news will work! All of us are trained from an early age to pay close attention what warnings you see, so that this will certainly attract your interest with the headlines! It is undeniable, however, that the advertisement will lose our attentiveness and our esteem if it describes the perfect applicant with discriminating and stereotypical words such as "young" and "dynamic" - and this kind of thing simply does not go in the job advertisement.

When Mike McKay, the managing creatives of Saatchi and Saatchi LA, determined that his quest for amusing authors needed some help, this interest was aroused. The importance of Twitter in recruiting continues to live on.... Are you looking for some hints on how to create a recruiting copy that is addictive to candidate submissions? Then look no further than our e-book below!

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