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Fortunately, there is already a thriving affiliate marketing industry. Becoming a jewelry partner. It is our pleasure to be able to offer our new jewelry partner program. Some of the things you can count on to have a constant market are jewelry. Pieces of jewellery are always bought for different purposes, from necessity to mood.

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The most popular of Forbes' on-line jewelers (every year since 2000), we deliver excellent value, choice and value. Free delivery and 30-day return on every order. By offering our clients the best value and services, you will be able to generate more conversions and higher revenues. There are also credits for telephone calls and on-line orders on the basis of a 30-day cookies.

There is the widest range of the best certificated bulk jewellery and jewellery. Our confidence is that our clients will not find a better priced jewel or gem of better value. We have a 30-day return policy that gives our shoppers one months to review their purchases. Order without individual gravure in pristine state can be refunded at any date within 30 days.


Affiliate commission: Until 12% introduction fee. *Yes: As you may have already guess, the above is my two-tier affiliate hyperlink. Some of these sites are on this site to give me a small fee and allow me to keep this site free instead of a membersite.

The use of my two-tier affiliate links does not influence the amount of money you receive from this or any other affiliate programs. Description of the partner: We' ll make it easier for you to buy your jewelry: All our jewellery and jewellery is 100% bull**t free. While the 4 C's may be important for jewellers and gemmologists, the reality is that no matter how much you buy it, a gem is only as valuable as she likes it.

Headquartered in New York, we are a group of jewelry professionals with a unique goal: to make your buying experience enjoyable. Affiliate commissions: 5 percent royalty on all tickets sold with an avarage over $3,000. Mean provision is around $200. Description of the partner: Take a look at the current picture of each diamonds with our Virtual Loupe? Technology.

affiliate commission: 5% on every sales (on the first $7500). Description of the partner: Blue Nile was established in 1999 and has become the world' s biggest on-line dealer of certificated diamond and jewellery. The Internet retail magazine reported that Blue Nile is larger than the next three biggest boutiques together. Affiliate commission:

Allows up to 10% of net revenue. Description of the partner: Deluxe clocks at reasonable rates. This is your resource for design clocks. Deluxe wristwatches, discount wristwatches, costly wristwatches, Omega wristwatches, TAG Heuer wristwatches, Movado wristwatches, Cartier clothes wristwatch, Breitling self-winding clock, Ulysse Nardin wristwatch, Chopard diamonds, Gucci fashions, Swiss wristwatches, diamonds.

Sponsor commission: 10% on every purchase. $1000+ mediocre selling. Description of the partner: is an e-commerce plattform of the Viennois Group, China manufacturing company, established in June 1996, specializing in research, designing, manufacturing and distributing costume jewellery, a leader in the costume jewellery and accessory industries in China.

7) Blount Jewels, Inc. Associate commission: 8% fee. Bulk diamonds have a lump sum of $150 per rock purchased. Description of the partner: Blount Jewels' 2010 owner, both pros, imagined a website where bustling professional and executive staff could buy the best of the best in jewelry and timepieces on-line without having to worry about a loss of value.

Accordingly, Blount Jewels was conceived. The Blount Jewels is a jewellery and watch shop where you'll find the best of the best and don't have to be concerned about getting something of compromise qualities. Whether you are looking for a unique betrothal ring or a sophisticated timekeeper, we have it available in uncompromising craftsmanship and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Sponsor commission: 10% on every sales. Description of the partner: The Ana Luisa was designed with a clear goal: to design and supply jewellery at a reasonable cost. It was maddening the fact that top-notch jewelry was insanely costly and most of us ended up purchasing oversold fragile jewelry, so we opted to alter the quote.

Because we knew that we had to stir things up and disturb the way jewellery was created, manufactured and sold.

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