Ipad Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Ipad

Since today, iPhone and iPad users can also take along. The Apple partner program is invited by Apple to give authors a promotion for the partner program. Smile Partner Program offers two ways to participate. Enterprises or individuals can work with Smile either as resellers or as affiliates. For this reason, we treat our partners with the same care as our customers.

Apps removed from iTunes Affiliate Program by Apple

Affiliate sites that link to applications from within the App Store will no longer be able to generate affiliate revenues if they direct visitors to the App Store. It has made the final move to delete applications from its affiliate program, according to Mac, as the redesigned App Stores for Mac and iPhone have been launched.

Apples has introduced a revised version of iPhone 11 and plans to release a new Mac iPhone 11 in Mac OS Mojave. Thanks for joining the Affiliate Program for Applications. We will remove applications from the partner program with the introduction of the new Apple Store under eOS and eOS and the extended method of application recognition.

From October 1, 2018, provisions for iPhone and Mac applications and in-app contents will be eliminated from the program. While all other kinds of contents (music, films, titles and TV) remained in the affiliate program, this figure was lowered to 2.5 per cent for applications, but was kept at 7 per cent by feedback from creators and editors.

However, the fee records have been defined for In-App contents. As of October 1, 2018, Apple is planning to eliminate from its affiliate program fees for Apple iPhone applications, Mac applications, and in-apps. The Affiliate Program retains other contents, as well as your favorite songs, films, books, and television.

Our goal is to offer you the best possible product and the best affiliate relationship manager services that guarantee you the most desired revenue and the best ROI.

Our goal is to offer you the best possible product and affiliate relationship services that guarantee you the most desired revenue and the best ROI. A unique promotional option The unique money-making option that allows you to advertise the world's first iPhone, iPad cleansingolution. Industry-leading commissions Earn up to 75% or even more on your account.

As more you are selling, the higher the fee you receive. We offer you proven, high-converting flags, e-mail creativity and individual design products tailored to your specific needs. Our affiliate manager is committed to your business and is available to help you with your queries and assistance.

100 percent provision guarantee We are selling our product on the trusted trading platforms and provide 120 day basket tracing which does NOT guarantee you any loss of provision. The free and zero affiliate joining level is free and there are no odds or commitments.

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