Internet serious Business

Serious Internet Business

Howdoishotweb. Internet is a tool. Ever wondered how the physical infrastructure of the Internet works? Fly with an Internet rocket. As a physical space, how do you present the Internet on stage?

Internet is a serious business

Internet Is Serious Business is an expression used to help those who have just been successfully controlled remember that it is actually the end of the earth to be ridiculed on the Internet. Frequent variants are among others Internet..... Genuine fucking business, the Internet: SRS BIZNS and even just INTERNET!

Internet is a serious business. It is often used as the text of an icon macros or to emphasize the complexities of a hot discussion in an Internet discussion group. James Robert Murphy, 38, from Colombia, South Carolina, was condemned to 5 years parole, 500 hour volunteer work, and more than $12,000 in compensation for dual use of a telecommunications equipment (Internet) with the intention to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass.

" The Internet was taken by rage in summer 2005 by the heavy business meeting "YOU FIUCKING STAR MY CLOUDSONG". It was an incident in the Dark Age Of Camelot in which a Dark Mother threatened a group of men who had stolen his precious object, a cloud song, with multiple deaths.

Made known by DeviantArt, but misnamed "WOW is serious business". There was a new suit on 14 January 2006 when a "man" filed a suit against his Internet friends after making a joke of them in a chat room. It is an outstanding example of how the Internet is still a SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.

The US Navy Petty Officer Russell Tavares was convicted in July 2007 of seven years in jail for having driven 1,300 leagues to torch the follower in the possession of someone who described him as a "nerd" on the Internet. SINCERE: SERIOUS BUSINESS INDEED! You shouldn't have fucked her around with Facebook. Obviously Trcy roughly misjudged the earnestness of the business she was in (or something).

Jake Brahm recently learnt that the Internet is still a SERIOUS BUSINESS after the arrest for copyasta, which is now apparently a felony. Congregates. com is a serious business! Googly Great Googly why, this is serious as hell! SERIUS!!!!!!!!!! Internet! Severe sodding business! Internet! The SERIOUS Fusking business! He' s a man who can violate you on the Internet.

It'?s a serious matter. Raping is indeed a serious matter. Severe damn pork chops. He' s a serious matter. Asimov knows what he's doing, yo. FLOATING SAUCERS ARE A SERIOUS DAMN BUSINESS. It' recently been found out that other crap is also serious business. So So Serious?

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