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Find the right International Business job with company valuations and salaries. To determine which jobs international business majors are most likely to land right after graduation, we analyzed millions of CVs. Professional titles for graduates with an international degree: Leap to What tasks can I do with an international business degree? Are you looking for a career in international business?

Job opportunities for international business studies majors and graduates

The use of numerous careers around the world is the greatest incentive for international business studies. And the good thing is that an international business environment will be rewarding you with a broad range of jobs from financial to PR to manufacturing.

Upon completion, you will have six rewarding, lucrative career paths with your international business majors at your disposal. Companies that transcend frontiers need to employ qualified logistic directors to co-ordinate their delivery chains from supplier to customer.

Logistic manager ensures that the assignment of material is appropriate to support the company's stock with the commodity.

Internationally active businessmen are skilled in advising multinational companies as managers and in proposing efficient business strategy. Students would profit from an MBA and the qualification as Certified Manager Consultant (CMC).

Managerialalysts receive an average yearly salary of $95,738 or $1,841 per week. Incorporating your international business syllabus into your own course of study could help you become a successful marketer in a multinational organization.

Average annual salary for marketers is $110,079 or $2,117 per workweek. Forbes Global 2000 organizations often engage business analytical executives to employ statistics methodologies and provide in-depth insights into their operating effectiveness.

The Business Analysis Manager collects and disseminates in-house and outside information to develop strategy to improve policy. The majority have a Bachelor's or Master's in areas such as International Business and the title Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). The Business Analysis Manager reports an average monthly compensation of 113,663 US dollars or 2,186 US dollars per week.

Some of the world's 10 largest financial institutions, such as the Bank of China and HSBC Holdings, together have nearly $26 trillion in total asset values, so bank executives are in great demand. Holdings are the only ones in the region that have the ability to manage their own business. Bank executives are international financial guardians who manage their institution's bank accounts guidelines and initiative. While some specialise in transferable or mortgage loans, others monitor all bank activities.

An international business bachelor's or MBA degree is a great way to learn the different aspects of cross-border regulatory compliancy. Bank executives require an average wage of $130,081 or $2,502 per workweek. The acquisition of business activities abroad will bring with it a number of personnel recruiting tasks that lie on the personnel managers' shoulders. However, the company will not be able to take on these tasks in the near future.

HR professionals who focus on "human capital" are working to recruit, retain, train and retain a diverse and prolific work force. HR professionals take care of everything from interviewing and negotiation of service plans to e-learning workshop set-up and compliance with employees' employment law.

Average of $122,314 or $2,333 per week per year for recruiters. The focus on international business opens innumerable other doorways, such as field staff, interpreters, commercial coordinators, accountants, economists, business developers and marketing directors.

However, the highest paid position is in the top international team. As a result, top international leaders earn an average annual wage of $331,932 or $6,383 per workweek.

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