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Winner of Display & Banner advertising space. Here is a great interactive banner ad from Volkswagen. This is an interactive and playful way to remind the user of the ad. Small black book, Superfad's interactive banner ad for cars. com.

com. They can serve different banner advertising formats:

Innovate 6 rich media ads to help drive your next campaig.

The use of banner ads in rich medias is one of the most important driver of your brands land-page branding, this is a known and quantifiable fact, and in the running and hunting for the audience's interest - innovations are the number one. Innovative enriched ads mean more than just the use of homepages or large formats, such as multi-panel extensible flags, VPAID entities or HTML5 mobiles.

Innovating in your rich media ads means new, refreshing, intelligent and eye-catching approaches that are incorporated into the ad block to attract users' awareness and recall them even better, so they can share your mark on a community or person to person web.

There are many ways to create innovative banner Rich Medias, and their aim is always similar - to attract users' awareness between the other ads they are facing and encouraging them to get involved, engage and have an overall beneficial time. Below are some samples of how Adobe is innovating creatively in banner ads for your inspiration:

For this interactive video ad - interactive product - the agencies and designer behind Virgins' new portable ad used face and flash detection to get the users to interoperate with the ad differently than before. It is a fast and simple set-up procedure that requires the user:

From this point, no more gesture with the conventional pointer or keypad is required, the operator can operate a TV and simply flash to change between the 25 different TV stations. It' s a simple operation, the set-up is fast, and the bottom line is that people spend a great deal more effort (on purpose) scrolling through the ad, being at the mercy of the mark's messages and having lots of great pleasure in a very special way.

Conscious of the data protection issues that were a heated issue last year, this digital banner production will censor the website on which it runs to advertise the show. The involvement of the users is crucial, in this advertisement the users must use the well-known IKEA operating instructions to create an advertisement!

Let the operator interoperate and perform all necessary actions to see the brand's messages when the ad is fully created. The Hobbit " leads you through the plot and the character in a very intimate way to the users, optimised for portable equipment. Most likely your users are confronted with your ad while interfacing with their cell phones. Why don't you pair them?

This type of execution extends beyond the limits of computers and telephones in the networked television environment, enabling the user to directly interoperate with a television and synchronize the messaging of the mark across the equipment. Thanks to this type of interaction, the marker is able to reproduce an item on an images screen that has been placed in front of the user's webcam. Today, it is no longer necessary to print the images, as they can use their mobile phone to view the AR-template.

Innovations in rich media should be an integral part of your campaigns and the more innovating, newer, smarter and accurate the delivery, the more ROI the Digital Creation Agent and your brands will have.

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