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In its banner competition, socialtraffic has selected a winning design. To view the available banner sizes, open the album. Grab one of our beautiful medical banner templates, customize it and start your campaign! Mutual of Omaha insurance company invoiced for the production. In its banner competition, JS pT has selected a winning design.

Car insurance - CLEVER BANNER ADS

A copy of the concept in the enclosed documents has already been accepted by our customer. Select from a dropdown menu of images history board in the enclosed Microsoft Office application file. Showcase as many 300X250 & 336X280 banner ad forms as you like for the cash offered (for this competition).

More than 15 good advertising ideas have been designed on the enclosed paper. Rather than expecting you to enter a draft for all 15 designs, we ask you to enter only those ad designs you think you can make a winning one. However, the competition was won by the best value for price creator in relation to the amount of ads he submitted and, above all, the level of detail of his banner ads.

It' s primarily a question of qualitiy, but when it comes to the fact that two artists are as good as any, when one artist puts in 5 ads, the other 4 ads....then you get the impression. Please note: If you create an ad that we like, but don't want to be the winner of the competition. Don't worry, because we are offering to buy custom ads that we like from any creator who creates one.

P.S. When sending drafts, please use the numbers on our letter. Even where it is called (flashing keys), it means flashdesign.

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What are you known for ? Which industry do you think your company is most at home ? Tell us who you are and who you want to reach. Proven supplier of life, income and health protection for UK residents between 18 and 65 years of age. What inspires you and how do you envisage the design for your company ?

A banner ad that is in-line with our landings page, i.e. the same look, feeling and colors. I am pleased about contents, CTA and whether the banner is animated/static.

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