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Build a better web for all stakeholders

An overwhelming proportion of on-line publishers finance their work with advertisements.... This means that they want the advertisements that run on their websites to be convincing, useful and appealing - those that real humans want to see and with which they want to engage. However, the real thing is, it's far too often humans come across bothersome, pushy advertisements on the Internet - like the way your favorite tunes blow suddenly, or the way they compel you to delay 10 seconds before you can see the contents on the page.

The frustration of this experience can result in some advertisers blocking all advertisements - a high price to pay for those who create and report on them, web designers and video artists who need advertisements to finance their work. Our belief is that on-line advertising should be better. That' s why we decided to join the Coalition for Better Ideas, an industrial group committed to the improvement of on-line advertising.

Recently proclaimed, the Group's Better Ad Standards offer clear, publicly available, data-driven guidelines on how the sector can enhance consumer advertising, and today I want to tell you how we intend to help them. Part of our effort to create a Web that is accessible to all, we want to help publishing houses with good advertising experience get rewarded for their work.

Funding Choices, currently in alpha stage, allows a publisher to use an ad writer to display a custom news item to a visitor by asking them to either post an ad on their site or paying for a passport that will remove all advertisements on that site through the new Google Contributor. The Funding Choices programme is available to publishing houses in North America, the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and will be launched in other markets later this year.

Publishing houses should check out our new Best Practice Guides for advice on designing the right messages for their audiences. As part of a dialog with the coalition and other industrial groups, we are planning for early 2018 for a period when Google will not display advertisements (including those held or placed by Google) on sites that do not meet Better Ad Standards.

It is our belief that these changes will make sure that all large and small broadcasters will have a lasting opportunity to finance their work with on-line advertisements. Looking forward to working with the Coalition to create better ad standards policies to support the Better Ad Standards, we are working hard to work in close partnership with the whole sector - groups such as IAB, IAB Europe, DCN, WFA, ANA and 4A's, advertiser, agency and publisher - to implement these changes in a way that makes good business sense for the user and the wider ad eco-system.

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