Inmotion Hosting Affiliate Program

Hosting Inmotion Affiliate Program

Make $$$$ recruiting web hosting affiliates. The InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program is a great way to add a little more money to your monthly income. But before we go into detail, let us first learn something about InMotion Hosting. "Advantages and disadvantages of InMotion Hosting", "x company vs. company" and so on.

Retailer Hosting; WordPress Hosting; Managed Hosting.

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Before you can ask a follow-up query, you must log in. Before you can give an explanation, you need to log in. Hi, thank you for your enquiry about our affiliate program. For more information, please visit our Hosting Partner Program page. Please ask them below if you have any further queries.

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Spare your investment, make FREE hosting.

Now, we've made the best even better by providing a referral program. Promote your web hosting to your buddies, relatives and co-workers for free! Tell someone you know about one of our hosting services. We' ll give your hosting a free monthly fee. There is no specific program that you can sign up to, and the best thing about it is that there is no limitation on the number of people you can invite.

Take, for example, if you register 12 of your buddies, you'll be earning one year of free web hosting! The balance is deserved and credited to the web hosting affiliate customer's web hosting affiliate under the following conditions: A recommendation balance can only be requested if the advertised customer uses an equivalent or higher value parcel than that of the recommender.

Recommendations from Value Class Hosting (i.e. Cheap/Personal Hosting) and Domain Name Registry sales are not counted. It will be credited 30 working days after the recommendation. Cancellation or termination of brokered account (s) within the 30-day time limit will result in the expiration of the funds purchased for the recommendation. You cannot earn credits on shopping for your own web hosting account.

Certificates that have been awarded for recommendations do not contain a financial option. Recommendations finalized by our distribution team are necessary to verify the referrer's unique name. Recommendations must be requested within 30 business days following the date of sale to receive a refund.

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