I want to become an Affiliate

I' d like to be an affiliate.

Would you like to know more about choosing a profitable niche? Affiliate Made Easy Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide That' s the dream, isn't it ? Ninety-nine, 99% des gens ont commencé avec le marketing d'affiliation. The idea is that you promote other people's products and get a commission when people buy something thanks to your marketing. If you have a product and want to sell more, you can offer sellers a financial incentive.

If you don't have a product and want to earn money, you can advertistise a product whose value you are convinced of and earn money with it. I' ont déjà parlé un peu à ce sujet, mais aujourd'hui, je veux approfondir le sujet pour expliquer ce qu'est réellement le marketing d'affiliation et comment commencer avec elle.

The best definition of affiliate marketing est de trouver Smart Passive Income de Pat Flynn : Affiliate marketingmarketing est le processus de gagner une commission en faisant de la publicité pour les produits d'autres personnes (ou entreprises). You find a product you like, promote it and earn a piece of the profit for every sale you make.

But as far as far as actual marketingmarketing is concerned, there are two sides to the affiliate equation : the product manufacturer and seller as well as the marketinger. Therefore, affiliate marketingg ing can be seen as the marketingg ing process of product manufacturing and marketingging by different parties, with each party receiving a share of the profits for its contribution. It is not only the advertising or product manufacturing.

You can be both the manufacturer or the marketer and still benefit from the commission distribution. Let's examiner tous les domaines d'un système de marketing d'affiliation réussie. The dealer : Parfois aussi connu comme le fabricant, le vendeur, la marque, le détaillant ou le fournisseur. This is the party that manufactures the product. Or it can be a single person, like Mariah Çoz, who sells online courses to female entrepreneurs.

From sole traders to start-ups to huge Fortune 500 companies, anyone can be the merchant of an affiliate marketing system. They do not even have to participate actively, they have only to offer one product for sale. The sales partner : Ce participant est également connu sous le nom d'affilié. Sales partners peuvent également être des particuliers ou des entreprises entières. This is how how it works : a distributor advertises one or more products and tries to attract potential customers and convince them to buy the retailer's product.

It could also be a whole page that is there to find cool products on a particular topic and promote them. The consumer : Les clients ou les consommateurs font fonctionner le système d'affiliation. Whether le consommateur sait qu'il fait partie d'un système de marketing d'affiliation ou non dépend principalement du partenaire de vente.

More and more more distributors tend to be transparent and say that their marketing is based on financial incentives, but others do not. The Network : Seules quelques définitions prennent en compte cette partie de l'équation du affiliate The Network : Seules quelques définitions prennent en compte cette partie de l'équation du affiliate marché. Even if you could promote an online course designed by someone and easily arrange a direct commission distribution, a network that takes care of payments and product deliveries will give your affiliate marketing a more serious touch.

Parfois, sometimes, les partenaires de distribution doivent agir par le biais d'un réseau pour promouvoir le produit. This happens, for example, when the retailer has released his product for the network. The network then also acts as a database for many products, from which the distributor can select those he wishes to advertistise. With the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can promote any product that Amazon sells.

Anyone can sign up and then generate custom links for Amazon products. If someone buyys through your link, you get a small commission. Now that we've clarified the basic terms, let's get a overview of how best to get started with affiliate marketing. As I mentioned before, il ya essentiellement deux côtés à l'équation du marketing d'affiliation à partir de laquelle vous pouvez choisir.

You can become a retailer and use other people to promote your product and in return pay a commission for each sale. Or you can become a distributor for one or more products you want to promote and market to consumers in order to earn money. While most people begin out as distributors - and this is definitely the easier way - building enough traffic to make a significant profit on affiliate sales alone is neither fast nor easy.

Therefore, I will guide you through the 4 basic steps that you can apply to both strategies. If you want to become a retailer and earn money by having distributors sell your product, there are four simple, but not so easy, steps to follow. First, vous devez avoir une idée de produit.

Second, vous devez tester votre idée. You could just get started and put your idea into action. But what if people don't even want her ? An idea is only good if consumers actually want it to be implemented. Third, vous devez vraiment concevoir le produit. These are the best to start with because they only require your time and cost little or no money.

Once you've designed and published your product, you'll need to find distributors to promote it. People always say it's hard to have an idea. That' s not true. But if you think that your idea must be super original and come from the pure genius of your brain, then it's hard.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, vous ne devriez pas regarder votre idée à travers des lunettes roses et rouges. Think about how you can improve them by offering something that solves the problems of these products. Of course you can always choose a topic you are interested in. Imagine que tu es une femme au foyer ou un père au foyer.

Perhaps you would like to design a product that makes housework easier. This is my first Google result : A rating page for vacuum cleaner robots. Justes en regardant les évaluations individuelles, vous pouvez immédiatement voir ce qui est mauvais et ce que vous pourriez améliorer. A common problem, there are no virtual walls telling the robot where to go and where not to go.

Therefore, it would be a great idea to create a virtual wall that works for all vacuum cleaner robots. That ? C'est ce que j'appelle une idée convaincante ! Another way to do research is to use a tool called Buzzsumo. Even if you are interested in building sand castles, you can immediately see which contents are popular at the moment.

People really like cool sandcastles like this one : If you go to YouTube and search for'Build a Sandburg', you'll get thousands of results. Apparently, les gens veulent vraiment savoir comment construire un château de sable cool. What can you do? Or you could do a review of the tools you need to build an epic sandcastle.

Or you could even come up with some shapes or templates that people can use that will make building epic sand castles a lot easier. The question is, would people pay for it ? In order not to make some great Sandburg videos that no one wants to buy, you have to check your idea first.

It' s simple. Vous demandez aux gens de vous payer pour cela. How did you find these people? Topsie vous montrera alors une liste de toutes les personnes qui ont tweeté ce lien. Make sure you ask them whether they would buy your idea, not just if they like it. If they answer yes, you should add the question about the purchase directly.

The commitment to spend money is not the same as actually doing it. If people are interested in your product, give them the opportunity to buy it. You can use PayPal and say that you will design it when you receive a certain number of orders. Once you've exceeded your limit and made sure that people really want it, you can start designing the product.

You have to follow many steps to design a product and this is not an entrepreneurial guide. But I would like to draw your attention to some good programs. It is much easier to create digital products because it takes only time and sometimes only a small financial investment. At most cases, however, no more than a service fee or the one-time price for the software.

Once vous avez créé votre produit et l'avez vendu à vos premiers clients, il est temps de construire un réseau d'affiliation. With tools like Gumroad or Digital Product Delivery, you can easily set up distributors and allow them to collect commission. The difficult part is to find partners who really have a target group that is interested in what you have to sell.

Do you think there's anyone who sells anything remotely like that ? If you are looking for "Apprendre à construire des châteaux de sable", il ya des pages qui vendent du matériel pédagogique... Ou SandCastle leçons qui offrent des cours sur le même sujet. To contact you and convince you of the cooperation for joint sale would be efforttless because it is a perfect solution.

The more your product is in a market niche, the easier it is to contact other merchants. You can simply send them an e-mail, introduce yourself and your product and ask them if they want to become business partners. Professional tip : Les commissions de 50% ou plus sont courantes pour les produits numériques car il n'y a pas de frais de duplication.

Searching for "toy rating blogs" donne également beaucoup de résultats, parce que les gens écrivent beaucoup d'évaluations de jouets. If you find one that ratings children's toys, it probably fits. Essayez to win a Person as a business partner and start with your first affiliate advertising. You can adjust the commission and details later. You could also start your journey by becoming a distributor yourself.

Semblable to a merchant's career, il y a 4 étapes que vous pouvez suivre pour commencer en tant que filiale de commercialisation. You can do that with a YouTube channel, a blog or a live stream on Periscope. Second, vous devez collecter les courriels afin de pouvoir entrer en contact avec votre public cible à tout moment et de ne pas avoir à espérer qu'il voit votre contenu.

Third, vous pouvez utiliser les webinars de joint venture pour vendre beaucoup de choses en un rien de temps tout en élargissant votre liste d'emails et en créant de nouveaux contenus. Enfin, when your affiliate business finally makes money, you can customize your growth with pay-per-click advertising. Starting as a distributor is easier because you skip the "have an idea" part.

Every product works. Over 300,000 subscribers to Hot Wheels ? I' m sure sure whatever your niche is less specific. If you like to read, talk about books : Note : Un type spécial de notation qui fonctionne généralement très bien est la comparaison avec un concurrent. You''re gonna find a lot of people doing this soon.

Just rechercher "meilleur lisseur de cheveux" et jetez un coup d'oeil : Ce blog note les fers droits (pour les femmes). This woman has a connection to the product because she has to straighten her own hair. And if she does her research well, the blog is not only well placed by Google, it actually helps women find the best tool for straightening hair.

Whatever you're rating, assurez-vous de faire de même. If your reviews aren't really helpful, people will suspect you're just looking for quick money. As Pat Flynn dit, le marketing d'affiliation impliqués est de loin le plus rentable parce que vous avez vraiment un lien avec le produit au lieu de simplement promouvoir quelque chose qui pourrait vous faire beaucoup d'argent.

If you don't even not know the product, how can you credibly advertistise it ? Note : C'est un peu différent pour les produits de consommation que pour les cours en ligne ou les livres développés par des particuliers. If you' ; ve ; connaissez quelqu'un depuis longtemps, faites-lui confiance et sachez que leur travail est grand, c'est différent.

If you write reviews on your blog, you can offer affiliate links to the products. You can read these on other blogs on the long "/ref...." This is usually the first step to earning a commission. Just s'inscrire au programme d'affiliation Amazon et vous pouvez ensuite procéder pour obtenir votre propre lien d'affiliation à n'importe quel produit Amazon.

You get a link that gives you a commission when people shop. But if you're just re rely on people clicking affiliate links in your ratings, it means you need a lot of traffic to make good money. But if you find a way to contact your target audience directly, you can sell them something whenever you want and not just when they visit your website.

L'email is still one of the best marketing channels today, so don't neglect it. <font color="#ffff00" size=14> ; Hello Cash sur votre site web. Whenever someone visits your website, they see this bar at the top. You can offer an e-book (you can bundle your three best product reviews) or show a special review video.

When the visitor clicks on your Hello bar, you can redirect them to a page where they can enter their email in exchange for the content. You can also use Hello Bar to design an Exit Gate. This is a pop-up that appears on the screen when the visitor wants to leave your page.

It is triggered when the mouse moves in the direction of the upper browser area. I use it on Quick Sprout to collect more Links for Facebook : You can also redirection people to your lead magnet and get their email address this way. Please don't do this. If you offer your visitors 20 things, they are unlikely to do anything at all.

If you' re collecting a lot of emails, you don't need a lot to make the email list worth your time. Even with less than 500 people you can achieve substantial sales. But it should not only be about sales. Just let them know them when you've published a new review. I send an email that includes every post from Quick Sprout, with a short description of what it's about :

Occasionally send a specific call to action to buy a product. You can educate your target group about your change of opinion, explain the reasons for it and recommend them to change the product. Once you have a few contacts, you can do the following. What convinces you more : Bien sûr numéro 2 ! Enabling a tool like LeadPages, you can create a landing page where people can sign up for your webinar.

Advertisez votre webinaire une semaine à l'avance dans les médias sociaux et incitez les gens à s'inscrire. Then you can easily host a Google hangout, which is completely free, to broadcast your webinar live. Can you ? Webinars sont grands pour s'engager personnellement avec votre public cible, leur montrer en direct un produit que vous faites la promotion, et répondre à toutes les questions qu'ils pourraient avoir.

You can: and much more. Imagine à quel point ton public cible sera heureux quand il verra toutes les choses cool que ton produit peut faire. Referring to the affiliate link and sharing it at the end of the webinar is a discrete sale. That' s because, of course, you just spent a hour talking about the product.

It doesn't feel not forced and your customers can take the time they need to decide whether they really want to buy. Professional tip : Vous pouvez peut-être obtenir une offre spéciale chez votre revendeur ? If you promise him to introduce his product to a few hundred people, he will often give you a discount or a special package to encourage people to buy more.

As your entreprise d'affiliation se met lentement en marche, vous pouvez commencer à penser à la publicité payante. I won't show you here how to do that again, because I recently published a tutorial for both Facebook advertising and Google advertising. But remember, don't do that until you have the chance to earn your money back.

You can use PPC advertising to advertise : For example, si vous recherchez "learn led pages", vous verrez que LeadPages annonce aussi ce mot-clé avec des annonces Google pour promouvoir leur webinaire hebdomadaire en direct. You can also concentrate on your competition. For example, an advertisement from Unbounce can be found directly under the LeadPages advertisement.

They also offer software for designing landing pages. So it is easy for them to advertise the target group of a competitor. While you might try to reach only people who are trying to find a rating for your product, you would probably be better off improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

The percentage of people who buy directly through the link after reading a review is low. So imagine payer pour lire. Selondo, selon le prix du produit, vous n'obtenez que quelques dollars ou centes pour chaque vente, vous ne pouvez donc pas dépenser beaucoup en publicité.

On most cases, it's best to promote abonnements to your email list. In fact, advertising is the best way to get people to sign up for your webinar. As soon as you decide on the webinar, he will also send you a series of automated e-mails. Such as a email, he offers you other courses and free tools, such as a webinar course where you can learn how to conduct webinars to sell.

If you choose a free webinar, you will receive 10 e-mail lessons for a few days. At the end he invites you to buy a more comprehensive course with webinar. He even takes you behind the scenes to give you a quick preview. Once il sait combien de personnes finissent par acheter le cours complet de la série Autoreply, il peut facilement calculer combien il peut dépenser en publicité pour que les gens s'inscrivent au webinaire ou cours webinaire.

So with this strategy you have several ways to get your consumers to buy your product. If your revenue comes from so many sources and begins to grow, then you can grow your paid advertising business properly by simply directing traffic to the already functioning selling mechanisms.

It' s time for a summary. So there are two ways to start affiliate marketing. You can become a dealer or sales partner. Affiliate Marketing est un excellent moyen de faire des affaires en ligne.

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