I want to Advertise a Job Vacancy

I'd like to advertise a vacancy.

Job portals online have a very large reach - anyone in Australia can search for jobs like yours. Are you looking for excellent service and support after the placement? Did you try to place a job ad in your salon or hairdresser's window without luck? Do you have more effect than you ever imagined? Imagine that, and we'll get back to you if there's a role that looks like a good match.

In Australia, sixty percent of job openings are posted on-line.

It is one of the results of a research paper based on the results of the Department of Jobs and Small Business' Survey of Employers' Recruitment Experiences. Job fairs and job search engines are the most popular platform used by recruiters in 2016-17, accounting for 49% of job openings. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, Job Search Experience (cat 6222.0), 2004 to 2013; Individuals without a working population, underemployed workers and Job Search Experience (cat 6226.0.55.001), 2014; Participation, job search and mobility (cat 6226.0), 2015 to 2017.

Corporate web sites represented 13% of job openings. It also found that the use of employee recruiting tools has increased significantly over the past four years, from only two percent of job openings in 2013-14 to nine percent in 2016-17. Ivan Neville, the department's labour market analyst, said that recruiting on-line is loved by businesses because it can attract a large public.

The widespread and growing use of on-line recruiting is mainly due to the capacity to link large groups of users," said Ivan. Predominance of on-line recruiting was also mirrored in the tendency of jobseekers to look for employment on-line. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that about nine out of ten jobless persons now use the web to find work, up from 56% in 2004.

It also found that job offers for higher qualified posts are more likely to be published on-line than for less qualified posts. About 69% of higher qualified positions were posted on-line, while 62% of intermediate qualified positions and 50% of low qualified positions were posted on-line. Employer locations and company sizes also had an impact on the use of on-line recruiting, with big city advertisers posting 66% of job offers on-line and large companies (100+ employees) posting 77% of job offers-line.

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