How would you Advertise a new Business

What would you do to promote a new company?

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List of free articles and tips on marketing a service by small business expert Tom Egelhoff

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Learn how to promote your small business online: crevice

Many small businesses are scared of running advertisements on-line. A lot of entrepreneurs see publicity as a bill they have to foot every single day instead of investing in the expansion of their business. Each small and medium-sized business wants new clients. Web marketing is a good way to attract these new clients.

If someone is willing to buy a certain item or a certain type of services, one of the first places he is looking for is a Google query - either on his computer or smart phone. When your company does not appear in the results, you lose clients and cash. You can find some free ways to be found on-line.

Now you can get your business on Google Places, create a business Facebook page, twitter your business and go to on-line directorys-like, request an entry. Twitter and Facebook are the new "word of mouth". Invite all your buddies to like your Facebook business page and twitter your corporate information.

It is important for every small business that you are found when a prospective client looks on-line, because if you are not found, you cannot be selected. Those sweeps are done by individuals who have cash to pay and are willing to pay their way to one of the companies appearing in Google as well.

In fact, by not paying your ad spend on-line, your business loses out. If you would like more information, please call Ron Pousson at 410-845-4609 to make an appointement with an on-line recruiter.

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