How to Set up Affiliate Links

Configuring Affiliate Links

Then set up your affiliate blog and start creating content. Several of the links in the above post are "Affiliate Links". When I extend the previous tutorial here, I share how you can create an affiliate link to a single product at Amazon. This can be done during the setup phase (under "Profile"):. If you want the affiliate link to be redirected to a dedicated target page that you have set up, set the corresponding URL as the target URL.

Automatic Affiliate Links

Automatic affiliate links will automaticaly include affiliate links to your contents. Or you can have the Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, Ebay, Walmart, Commission Junction, BestBuy and Envato Marketplace plug-in extracts and displays your links for you.

NOTE: Your contents will not be changed in any way. Links are added when the contents are shown. And if you choose to choose your own keyswords and enter your links by hand, you can do so from the Auto Affiliate Links drop-down list in your admin area. Under " General settings " you can set whether the links should be camouflaged, whether they should be added to your homepage or not and various other settings.

In addition you have the possibility to make the links NFollow or DFollow, to open on a new page or the same page and to camouflage links. It gives you the most commonly used 100 catchwords from your contents if you can readily append affiliate links that are shown when they are shown.

The number of links shown in each item can be limited. When you opt for automatic generation and viewing of links from Amazon, Clickbank or Shareasale, you must first obtain an appropriate access code and then enable each one.

Links are added through Java Script, so you don't have to be concerned about follow up and searching machines.

Clicking on links is not possible in some surroundings. Does the plug-in change the contents of the data base? Contents stay in your data base untouched. Camouflaged links don't work, what should I do? The links are inserted into your contents and look exactly like regular links.

Where do I do Links aofollow? "Under " "Settings" you have the possibility to set a hyperlink to the rel= "nofollow" state. "Under " "Auto Affiliate Links" under "Settings", you have the possibility to set the links so that they are opened in a new or in the same dialog area.

Is it possible to attach the same affiliate hyperlink with more keyswords? Adding the same links three different time with different words will produce the same result: the links will be displayed for all added words.

Adding more links with the same catchword will only cause the first occurrence of the catchword to be the first to join the links. When the same word reappears in the item, the second hyperlink is added. First, you must obtain an access code from the Access Code drop-down list.

As soon as you have done this, Clickbank's links will appear on your pages. Are there any limits to the number of links I can manually insert?

You should be secure on any kind of servers with less than 500 links. Every one of my links became links that seemed that way. I even had periodic links that had nothing to do with the catchwords I was aiming for. "Car Affiliate Links" is open code affiliate program. Ability to attach links to news items added.

Ability to include links in Widget text added. You can use the aal_prevent_content_display operation to programmatically modify plug-in preferences from another source document or apply your own codes when links are shown. Now you can apply a filtering to the link_display hooks and modify the way links are shown. Remove warnings about links being cloaked to avoid confusing them.

Added preference to deactivate the display of links on pages in lists such as Categories, Archive and Tags. HTML is reordered in the link worksheet that has been created. Dropdown box Activate/Deactivate dropped from module setting pages. If proposed catchwords are used, the entered text is emphasized. Some links to further information have been modified. When the value for "Links in each article" is set to 0, no automatic links are added.

Wherever general preferences were stored, exclude items were rolled back. Links on the administration page of the application programming interface (API) added to the modules pages. Corrected issues with new installation links. Links to our Supportforum and FAQ area added. Ability added to choose whether to display links in articles only, pages only, or both.

The page with the links created will not be displayed if no additional interface access code has been added.

A new page has been added to show automated links that have been produced. Link page shows links to Amazons, Clickbanks and Shareasals. Links home page ad when using links from either Amazons, Clickbanks or Sharing. You can add links to your site using the automatic link creation feature.

Provide added value to the Affiliate Links pushbutton so that the web browser does not interpret them. In the case of links to click banks, the visitor enters his affiliate ID, the preferred type and the minimal weight. At this point the module adds a new sub-menu point under Wp Auto Affiliate Links instead of a tabs on the home page.

Now, the Affiliate Links pane is uploaded first. None of the proposed catchwords are concealed to prevent any confusion. 100 more catchwords have been added to the proposal listing. It hides the shortlist, but with one click it is expanded and most of the 100 keyboard words are shown, with the option of being added to the template.

The possibility to open links in the same or new windows has been added. Updated the name of the menulink for the preferences in the administration pane to avoid mix-ups. It is now Manage Affiliate Links to Wp Auto Affiliate Links.

Ability added to select whether you want to display camouflaged or genuine links. Add preference to prevent certain contributions or pages from viewing affiliate links on the basis of the mail ID. Corrected a problem where links accidentally broke HTML codes.

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