How to Register Amazon Affiliate Program

To register the Amazon Affiliate Program

Everyone can sign up and then create an individual Amazon affiliate marketing link to Amazon products. Do you need how many page views? It is difficult to get to the first page for each keyword with high traffic. First step is to register with Amazon Associates. It' s relatively easy to get approved.

The Amazon Affiliate Program allows you to sign up with a new website that fulfills the following conditions: You will be immediately approved and given 6 month Amazon affiliate membership. They must receive at least 1 sales in these 6 month. In case no sales take place in the first 6 month, your bank will close your area.

If the first sales are logged, Amazon employees will check your site to see if your site complies with all Amazon or not. Your bank details will be accepted.

Sure you want to become an Amazon Affiliate?

Putting aside the first affiliate program/marketplace new affiliate marketing specialists and blogs usually think of is nothing but Amazon Associates.

And if you haven't seen it, Amazon spends a noticeable 4% on your revenue. To be fair, Amazon increases the royalty rate once you have sent them a certain amount of your purchases.

Let's learn a little about the facts and numbers behind the Amazon program. Let's say you've made it your target to make $10 a dollar a day through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

When I make a profit of $1000 or more every single dollar, I want a little more of the excitement than a $100 miserable one. Incidentally, this hard-to-grasp six-figure revenue only comes after you've registered $3188. However, hey - there is still a difficulty with actually achieving these sales.

It'?s the cookies issue. When he buys a item within 24hrs and 2 seconds, you will not receive any referral fee.

Here now is the issue - you need to sell high-priced articles ($500+) to earn a stable salary. Amazons & the sellers keep the cash.

But that doesn't mean Amazon Associates won't work for you. In fact, there are some six-figure marketing companies that live off Amazon Associates. However, I believe in the distribution of egg in a wide range of hampers, which is why you might want to take a look at a few alternate affiliate markets.

Fees are determined by the seller and the most commonly used are 50%, although some items have 25%, 75% or even 100% fees. ShareASale is not half as much as Clickbank, but it does the work for some of you.

ommissionJunction - I have very little knowledge of CJ, so I can't say much about their market place or their percentage commissions. Amazonia - legitimated affiliate market place. I' m for Clickbank myself for my own monetisation of my blogs (besides my own items - come soon!).

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