How to Promote your Business on Google

Learn how to promote your business on Google

Learn how to use the cool tools of your favorite search engine to market your online business. The importance of Google's geolocation mapping. Let's start by using Google Places to find the answer. So you are the owner of a flourishing business in your city and have a big event ahead of you. Your company is still not listed on Google My Business?

Doing it: How to do it: Advertise your business on Google Cards.

Google says 97% of people are looking for companies locally on-line. In this sense, it's probably a good idea to make sure that your profiles are up to date with the largest web browser in the word and that you provide all these prospective clients with the information they need to determine whether or not to come and see you.

How you begin will depend on whether or not you're already on Google Maps, so see the "Before you start" section below. Google's Places for Business allows you to access your business record and track the information about you that appears in Google Search and Google Maps. - If your company doesn't appear on the card, you need to enumerate it - go to Google Places, log in to your Gmail email address and build your business record according to Google's directions - this involves the following stages (Note: Google will then validation your record by sending you a mail with a unique ID number and activating directions that will take up to two (!) weeks, please be warner!

Make a claim on your entry and make it better: Click under the More pushbutton on Process detail (if your offer is not used, anyone can process the details). Stage 3: To request the entry, click on the Administer your page link under Is this your company? Stage 4: You have the ability to process your business information, suspension your offer (you can activate it again at a later time) or decline the offer ("This is not my offer") and recreate it.

Choose "Edit your business information" if you want to continue and create your current entry. Process your business information: Stage 5: Here you can provide as much useful information about your company as possible to prospective clients. Browse the forms and fill in as many boxes as possible, and include your company name, your postal adress, telephone number, website adress and so on.

Stage 6: When it comes to creating additional catagories, just fill in a catagory and Google will show you a choice of predefined catagories to select from, i.e. if you own a grocery store, fill in "food" and you will get a number of choices. After the first categorie you can add your own name.

Type multiple catagories if you can - this will make it easy for folks to find you when they Google. Stage 8: When you are satisfied with your offer, click Send at the bottom of the page. Here you go - your business data is now visible to everyone, great on Google!

In order to see how it is done, take a look at the list below, compiled by Breathe Fitness creator Anthony Mayatt, your own personality coach. How do you feel about Google's Places for Businessool? Did it help you and your business and improve your ranking in searchengine results? Put your thoughts down below.

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